Homey & Warm Abode

Just because your floor space isn’t as big, doesn’t mean can’t build a beautiful home with all the comforts you want. Exploring different ways to manage a smaller home, the team at Tan studios has managed to successfully arrange this home to reflect a homey warmth which is very fitting of the quaint setting.

Using elements from classical country styled homes, the cosiness of the home can easily come through (even if just through pictures!). With naturally coloured wooden furniture, the warm colours surround the room and create a cool and easy-going environment. One of the most successful elements in this country-styled home is how well the entire living room looks. With country-styled homes, one of the tricks to create the feeling of a generational home is to use furniture and pieces which come from different times. By imposing items from different generations into the façade of the home, the room comes alive with the history and significance of each item.

The full wood chair and table do appear much older than the modern looking sofa and almost futuristic style light fixture above the dining table. The contrast of time periods created here creates a sense of imperfection and informality, two very key elements in creating that warm country style home.

Image of matching wood dining area

While wood in the home does create a very comfortable and warm setting, too much of it can quickly turn into an eyesore. While this home does rely quite heavily on wood, it avoids this pitfall through using different tones and textures of wood. The dining area takes form with matching wood on both the table and chairs. The natural grain of the wood further enhances the intimate setting with its unrefined appearance, making for a comfy and casual look. Whereas, the front door and bench make use of treated and polished wood, these pieces have a more refine and sleek look to them, while still giving off the same warm and welcoming vibes.

Image of simple bathroom

One of the advantages of country styled homes is the lack of need for grand and ostentatious centre pieces. The plain simplicity in this design makes it easier to create and style smaller areas like bathrooms. Without the need for any over-the-top decorations or styling, the bathroom simply comes to be with a simple but comfortable look. With just the wood front of the cabinet, the room still falls in line with the larger theming of the rest of the home.

Image of light wood kitchen

The kitchen stands out with its lighter wood front. With the almost white colouration on the cupboards and drawers, the white wood makes for a more professional and lustrous look. The over-the-head shelving also allows for greater counter space, and decorative options. The pop of colour in the otherwise homogenous kitchen avoids it from being too boring.

Image of shared study with wardrobes

The first bedroom in this home has been converted to a shared study with wardrobes. While some homes (especially newer and smaller) do have smaller bedrooms and less floor space, this couple only needed one bedroom at the time and so had the option of turning this room into a more functional space. In this converted study, the same light-grain wood has been used throughout. With matching parquet floors to tables to the cupboards, the lighter colour makes for a relaxing and cool setting. With the mix of day and blackout curtains, the study remains comfortably usable at all times of the day as the day curtains allow for softening of harsh sunlight, while the black-out curtains are perfect for keeping your room uniformly lit at night.

Image of master bedroom

The master bedroom does seem rather spacious with the option of moving the cupboards to the second bedroom. With the space saved, the floor area seems less claustrophobic and the room does appear bigger and breezier.

Image of light beige wood bedroom

Taking a slightly different approach than the rest of the home, the master bedroom uses a more beach home style of decorating. With lighter beige woods matched with pearl white walls and accessories, the sublime atmosphere ties in with the art feature on the back wall to create a truly paradise like vibe to it.

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