Houseplants for a happy home

September 16th 2022

Houseplants for a happy home

Plants are a great way to introduce a pop of colour into your home. You may have surfed Pinterest and come across many inspiring photos of homes decorated with household plants. 

But, if you have no idea what the names of these different plants are, or which ones you should get, here’s 5 household plants that will keep your home looking bright and lively.

1. Peace Lily Plant
The Peace Lily has a very elegant and chic look. It is relatively not as common in most households, giving you a sophisticated and unique look. Furthermore, it has various benefits, such as air purification, absorption of acetone vapours, and prevention of mold and mildew formation. 

It is a good indoor plant if you’ve never been a plant parent before because it is rather low maintenance and gives you obvious visual cues as to what it needs. You do need to water it regularly but if you ever forget, the Peace Lily will quickly wilt to let you know, and perk right back up once you water it. 

You should also avoid direct sun but place them in a bright spot.

2. ZZ plant
The ZZ plant, or Zanzibar Gem, has a unique look with dark and slim leaves. It has air purifying capabilities, and can remove harmful compounds like benzene. For auspicious households, it has some Feng Shui value as well.