How Much Does HDB Flat Renovation Cost in Singapore 2023?: A Comprehensive Guide

November 3rd 2023

How Much Does HDB Flat Renovation Cost in Singapore 2023?: A Comprehensive Guide

Minimally around $32,000 for a HDB renovation in Singapore. Renovating an HDB flat in Singapore is a significant milestone for most homeowners, and it can often be one of the most substantial expenses in a lifetime. It's essential to be well-informed about HDB renovation costs in 2023, understand the major cost components, and discover ways to manage your budget effectively. In this guide, we'll cover various aspects of HDB renovation costs in Singapore, including what's included, room-specific expenses, and tips to reduce renovation expenses.

Why People Need to Know HDB Cost Renovation in 2023?

Understanding HDB renovation costs is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Budget Planning: Renovations require a substantial financial commitment. Having knowledge of expected HDB renovation costs for 2023 helps homeowners plan their budgets more effectively. This allows them to allocate funds to different aspects of the renovation, ensuring a clear and realistic financial plan.

  2. Avoiding Financial Stress: Without accurate information on renovation costs, homeowners may face unexpected financial stress during their project. Understanding the costs involved can help individuals avoid financial turmoil and overspending.

  3. Making Informed Decisions: Knowledge of HDB renovation costs empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about the scope of their renovation projects. They can assess the feasibility of desired upgrades and prioritize elements according to their budget constraints.

  4. Comparing Quotes: Informed homeowners can more effectively compare quotes from contractors and interior designers. This enables them to choose professionals who offer competitive pricing while maintaining quality workmanship.

  5. Preventing Overcharges: Awareness of renovation costs safeguards homeowners from unscrupulous service providers who may overcharge for materials or labor. It allows homeowners to identify excessive charges.

  6. Resale Value: Renovations significantly impact an HDB flat's resale value. Understanding renovation costs in 2023 can help homeowners make renovations that enhance both their living space and the long-term value of their property.

  7. Legal Compliance: Knowing the costs associated with home renovation in Singapore is essential for complying with government regulations. Singapore has strict guidelines governing HDB renovations, and adhering to these guidelines is crucial to avoid legal complications.

In summary, being well-informed about 4-room HDB renovation costs in 2023 is essential for effective budgeting, stress-free renovation experiences, informed decision-making, and safeguarding one's financial interests. Whether you are planning to revamp your living space for personal enjoyment or preparing your HDB and BTO flat for resale, having a clear understanding of renovation costs is the foundation for a successful and cost-effective home improvement project.

How Much HDB Renovation Average Cost in 2023?

The cost of renovating an HDB flat in 2023 can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of flat and the extent of renovations. Here are the average renovation costs for different types of HDB flats:

HDB Flat Type Renovation Cost (Average) Renovation for Resale HDB flat (Average) 3 Room (60 to 65 sqm) $32,000 $42,600 4 Room (90 sqm) $42,600 $58,500 5 Room (110 sqm) $52,100 $65,200

If you are looking to estimate the cost of renovating a condo apartment or a landed property, you can extrapolate a rough estimate based on the floor area provided.

HDB Renovation: What is Included?

HDB renovation typically includes various components such as:

  1. Hacking: This includes labor to hack, rebuild, and touch-up walls.

  2. Masonry: Covers flooring, tiling, and works, often determined by area size and labor.

  3. Carpentry: Concerns wardrobes, cupboards, and other custom storage solutions.

  4. Ceiling and partition: Includes box-ups, false ceilings, partition walls, and the like.

  5. Plumbing works: Covers water fixtures like washbasins, taps, toilet bowls, and shower sets.

  6. Electrical works: Includes electrical outlets such as lighting, data, heater, and power points.

  7. Painting: Covers walls and ceilings.

  8. Glass and aluminum: Includes window panes, mirrors, glass partitions, window and door grilles.

  9. Cleaning and polishing: This includes cleaning the entire house, haulage, and disposal of debris, and polishing marble floors, among other tasks.

Now, let's explore the costs associated with renovating different areas of your HDB flat.

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What is the Cost of Renovation for the Living Room?

The cost of renovating your living room can vary depending on your interior design and theme. It can range from a low of $5,900 to a high of $52,800. Key cost components for living room renovation are:

  • Hacking: $400 to $3,900

  • Masonry: $1,300 to $22,000

  • Carpentry: $3,400 to $23,700

  • Ceiling and partition: $800 to $3,200

When it comes to flooring, you have various options with different price points, starting from $4 per square foot for laminate flooring to $30 per square foot for parquet. The choice of material can significantly impact the overall cost of your living room renovation.

What is the Cost of HDB Renovation for the Kitchen?

Kitchen renovations can be on the higher side of the budget. The cost of renovating a kitchen can range from $6,300 to $34,100, depending on the extent of the work. The main cost components for kitchen renovation include:

  • Hacking: $500 to $3,200

  • Masonry: $1,300 to $11,300

  • Carpentry: $4,300 to $17,900

  • Plumbing: $200 to $1,700

The choice of materials, such as countertops and flooring, also plays a significant role in the cost of kitchen renovation. Keep in mind that custom-built kitchen cabinets and other fixtures can add to the expenses.

What is the Cost of Renovation for Bedrooms?

The cost of renovating each bedroom can range from $6,200 to $25,500, depending on the level of customization and materials chosen. Key cost components for bedroom renovation are:

  • Masonry: $1,200 to $11,700

  • Carpentry: $2,800 to $9,900

  • Ceiling and partition: $600 to $2,400

Flooring materials and customization, such as built-in wardrobes and storage solutions, will impact the overall cost of bedroom renovation.

What is the Cost of HDB Renovation for Bathrooms?

Bathroom renovation costs can vary widely based on the complexity of the design and the extent of works. The cost can range from $2,000 to $12,800 per bathroom. Major cost components for bathroom renovation include:

  • Masonry: $500 to $4,200

  • Plumbing: $200 to $1,700

  • Glass and aluminum: $300 to $2,200

The choice of fixtures, tiles, and other bathroom amenities will significantly affect the overall cost.

What Are HDB, BTO & Home Renovation Rules In Singapore?

Before embarking on the renovation of your HDB flat, it's crucial to understand that the flat owner(s) bear the ultimate responsibility for all renovation activities. To ensure a smooth renovation process, it's essential to acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations governing HDB renovations. This article provides an overview of key HDB renovation rules that you should be aware of before starting your project.

  1. Licensed Contractors are Mandatory: Engaging a licensed contractor is a fundamental requirement when renovating your HDB flat. It is imperative to select a contractor listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractor (DRC) for all renovation work, including those that do not necessitate HDB's explicit approval.

  2. Prior Approval for Demolition and Hacking: Any demolition or hacking of walls, whether partial or complete, demands prior written approval from HDB. This approval process is essential to ensure that proposed demolition or hacking work will not compromise the structural integrity of the building or pose a risk to public safety. Unauthorized demolition or hacking can lead to potential safety hazards for your household and neighbors.

  3. Adherence to Designated Working Hours: When it comes to noisy activities or tasks that involve extensive drilling, they are restricted to specific hours to prevent inconveniencing your neighbors. Hacking and drilling work can only take place between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. General renovation works, excluding Sundays and public holidays, can be carried out between 9 am and 6 pm.

  4. Display HDB Notice of Renovation: Throughout the duration of your renovation project, it is mandatory to display a Notice of Renovation issued by HDB at the entrance of your unit. This notification serves as a visual cue to inform neighbors and visitors of the ongoing renovation activities.

  5. Legal Implications of Non-Compliance: Failure to adhere to HDB renovation rules can result in legal consequences. Engaging unlicensed contractors or violating any of the Housing and Development (Renovation Control) Rules, such as unauthorized demolition or hacking, can lead to prosecution. It is crucial to respect these regulations to avoid potential legal issues.

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Interior Designer vs. Contractor: Which One Is the Right Choice for Your HDB Flat?

When it comes to transforming your living space, you have a choice between hiring an Interior Designer (ID) or a Contractor, each with its own set of pros and cons. In this article, we'll explore the key differences between these two options and introduce a third alternative, Design & Build services, to help you make an informed decision for your home renovation project.

What Interior Designers (IDs) Do?

Interior designers provide a comprehensive range of services, starting from professional design work, including floor plans and 3D previews, all the way to project scheduling and management. Their expertise comes at a price, often in the form of a separate project fee in addition to the renovation costs. While this may stretch your renovation budget, hiring an ID offers the advantage of turning your dream home into a reality. You can create a living space tailored to your exact specifications and preferences, following established design principles.

What Contractors Do?

Contractors, in contrast, focus primarily on executing the specific tasks you require. They do not typically offer design input or thematic suggestions. Instead, their expertise lies in getting the work done. When you hire a contractor, you will likely need to plan and oversee the entire renovation process yourself. This includes managing various aspects of the project, which can be challenging since a full-flat renovation often takes several weeks to complete.

What Are Design & Build Services?

Design & Build services bridge the gap between Interior Designers and Contractors. These providers are essentially contractors who can offer some design and conceptualization services. However, it's important to note that their designs often follow predefined templates. Think of them as offering a semi-customized experience akin to a copycat IKEA kitchen with more generic fittings and finishes. While you may find packages that align with your taste and budget, don't expect them to transform your home into something like the W Bangkok.

Choosing between an Interior Designer, a Contractor, or a Design & Build service depends on your specific renovation needs and budget. Interior Designers are ideal for those seeking a tailored, design-focused approach but are willing to invest more. Contractors are suitable if you have a clear vision and can manage the project yourself.

How To Find a Trustworthy Renovation Contractor for Renovation in Singapore?

Introduction: Home renovations have come a long way in Singapore, thanks to regulations and consumer rights advocacy. However, choosing the right renovation contractor is still crucial to ensure a smooth and legitimate renovation process. In this article, we'll provide essential tips to help you find a legitimate renovation contractor.

Choose HDB-Approved Contractors

Before signing any contracts, it's imperative to ensure that your chosen contractor is HDB-approved. This certification guarantees that your contractor possesses the necessary knowledge to avoid structural damage to your building or neighboring units, potentially saving you from costly fines and repairs. Keep in mind that HDB approval focuses on structural considerations, and it does not endorse the quality of the contractor's work. Any contractual agreement is strictly between you and the contractor

Do Your Research

To make an informed decision, thoroughly research the background of renovation firms you're considering. Your goal is to confirm that they have a positive track record not only in delivering high-quality work but also in promptly and fairly addressing customer complaints.

Pay close attention to the quotation provided by the contractor. Ensure that any specific requests for branded items are clearly stipulated in the contract. This step is crucial to prevent unscrupulous contractors from substituting high-quality fittings with cheaper alternatives, potentially compromising the overall quality of your renovation.

Verify All Costs Upfront

Avoid surprises and hidden charges by verifying all costs upfront. An open and transparent discussion with your contractor regarding all expenses will help establish a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your renovation project. Make sure everything is documented in black and white to prevent any misunderstandings or disputes later on.

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Top 6 Renovation Loans in Singapore to Finance Your Home Makeover?

Introduction: When it comes to financing your renovation project in Singapore, opting for a renovation loan from a reputable bank is often the smartest choice. The competitive interest rates and flexible loan tenures available make it convenient to secure the necessary funds for your renovation. In this article, we'll explore the six best renovation loans in Singapore to help you transform your living space.

  1. Citi Quick Cash Loan

    • Interest rate (per annum): 3.99%

    • Processing fee: $0 (loan amount minimum $20,000)

  2. DBS Renovation Loan

    • Interest rate (per annum): 3.88%

    • Processing fee: $600

  3. OCBC Renovation Loan

    • Interest rate (per annum): 4.18%

    • Processing fee: $450

  4. CIMB Renovation i-Financing

    • Interest rate (per annum): 4.33%

    • Processing fee: $300

  5. Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan

    • Interest rate (per annum): 3.48%

    • Processing fee: $0

  6. HSBC Personal Loan

    • Interest rate (per annum): 3.7%

    • Processing fee: $0

Supplementing with Personal Loans: Renovation loans, often referred to as "reno loans," are designed to fund home improvement projects. Many banks bundle these loans with home loans, offering highly attractive interest rates. However, there's a typical cap of $30,000 on reno loans. In today's dynamic renovation landscape, this sum might not suffice to cover all expenses. In such cases, you can consider taking out a personal loan to bridge the financial gap and ensure your renovation is completed as desired.

How To Save Money For Renovation Cost In Singapore in 2023?

While HDB renovation costs in 2023 can be substantial, there are several strategies you can employ to save money:

  1. Set a Realistic Budget: Start by determining how much you are willing to spend on your renovation and then work within that budget. Avoid unnecessary expenses by prioritizing essential changes.

  2. Compare Multiple Quotes: Obtain quotes from different contractors or interior designers. Comparing prices and services can help you find the best value for your money.

  3. Opt for Standard Materials: Choose standard, cost-effective materials for your renovation. There are many budget-friendly options that can achieve the look you desire.

  4. Do Some DIY: If you have the skills and time, consider handling some tasks yourself. Painting, minor electrical work, or installing simple fixtures can be done by homeowners.

  5. Prioritize Renovations: Focus on renovating areas that need the most attention. Allocate your budget to high-impact changes in the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

  6. Be Mindful of Hidden Costs: Anticipate potential hidden costs, such as structural issues or electrical problems that may arise during renovation. Set aside a contingency budget to cover unexpected expenses.

  7. Renovate During Off-Peak Seasons: Some contractors may offer lower rates during off-peak seasons. Timing your renovation accordingly can save you money.

  8. Go Green: Consider eco-friendly options that can reduce long-term utility costs. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances, as well as sustainable materials, can save you money over time.

  9. Reuse or Repurpose: Instead of buying new furniture and fixtures, consider repurposing or refurbishing existing items to save on costs.

  10. Negotiate: Don't be afraid to negotiate with your chosen renovation professionals. You might be able to get a better deal by discussing prices and terms.

HDB renovation costs in 2023 can vary significantly depending on factors like the type of resale flat, the extent of renovations, and your choice of materials and design. Being well-informed about these costs is essential for budget planning, making informed decisions, and ensuring a successful home improvement project.

By understanding the typical costs associated with different aspects of HDB renovation and implementing cost-saving strategies, homeowners can embark on their renovation projects with confidence, knowing that they can achieve their desired results without breaking the bank.

Remember that a well-planned renovation not only enhances your living space but also adds long-term value to your HDB flat, making it a wise investment for your future.

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