How Not To Stress When Moving House

Did you know that moving house triggers more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce, or starting a new job? Experts think it is because it represents a very real transition in life; leaving familiar surroundings, and the effort to create a new, expectation of better surroundings causes people to stress. During the move, the lack of order, helplessness, and upheaval can trigger underlying mental health conditions.

Yes, it is a serious issue!

Arguments and fights may also happen during this period.

At Renodots, do not think moving house should be stressful. There are ways to reduce the level of stress and amp up excitement instead.

Prep your family (and yourself)

It’s time for a group huddle to get everyone on the same page. Finalise the moving date and ensure everyone is ready to move before the date. Delegate responsibility between your spouse, children, and family members. If your children are young, send them to the babysitters or your parents’ place a day before the move so you’ll have time to finalise stuff and get a good nights’ sleep.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything! If there are extra services provided by the moving company that will make the move less stressful, consider it.

Plan days off from the office because it is not very often that you move house. Take days off to pack, move, and work on your new home.

During the day of the big move, allocate time off. It could be a two-hour facial or lunch with a friend. These are examples of how you can re-centre your thoughts and not fall for decision fatigue or stress.

Get a good mover

We cannot stress this enough. A mover is more than just getting a lorry to pack up your stuff and transport it to your new home. The people you hire to move your furniture must know what your items are, how to protect them during the move, and where to place them in your new home. One way to do that is to arrange an on-site visit to discuss and understand potential challenges and obstacles during the move.

That way, both parties can iron out the kinks that might happen, reducing potential issues that might crop up during the big move. Pass the movers the layout of your new home, along with locations for the furniture. It will make the whole process a whole lot smoother.

At Renodots, we’ve got a list of professional movers for you to choose from. They will be able to handle your moving woes and requests so you don’t have to. Click here to get a quote.

Hire a cleaner

Vacuum carpet

During the move, you are responsible for two properties. The one you are moving out from and the one you are moving into. Though you can move out of your previous home without cleaning it, we believe you are kind enough to clear off the dust for the next owner. Hire a cleaner to just clean up the mess and dust that is left after the movers have loaded the furniture and possessions from your old place. It is a good gesture on your part.

Once you bid goodbye to your previous home, it is time to head over to your new place. After the movers have placed every item to its proper place, the headache is not over. Why? The whole place is dusty and grimy!

That is why you must have professional cleaners to clear off the clutter. Let them handle the dirty job of wiping, clearing, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. You don’t have to lift a finger. When night comes, you can lay on your bed to sleep knowing that your home is spick and span, and the dust has cleared in your home (and your head).

At Renodots, you can trust our list of professionals that provide premium home cleaning services. Most of them use eco-friendly products so it does not harm the environment and you. Don’t hesitate to check them out here. You can request a quote from them directly on our site too.

If you are prepping for a move, remember you don’t have to do everything on your own. Your sanity is far more important than anything else in this situation. Make every effort to ease the move for yourself and your family by planning and getting organised. When you can pass on the physically straining jobs to others, you can actually enjoy the move.

At Renodots, we care about your moving journey. If you need any help during any stage of your move, we’ve got the people you need that will offer assistance. Hop on to our page here.