How to achieve a minimalist interior for your home

To achieve a minimalist interior for your home

How to achieve a minimalist interior for your home

With ever shrinking home sizes, minimalist styled homes are the emerging trend all over the world. With the mentality that “less is more”, this particular style focuses on decluttering, and keeping the homes as functionally sparse as possible. This means no unnecessary decorations, no extra fixtures or ornate decorations, the home is supposed to be plain but stylish.

Oak brown cabinets with white countertop by My Reno Diary

So how exactly do you get stylish while still looking plain and minimal? Well, the first step is the colour.

As you can see from the home above, the colour style in minimalist homes are not those ‘loud’ and overly attention-grabbing palettes. The colours here are more muted and restrained.

In this case, the palette extends from white, to beige to browns of mahogany and oak and finally to a matte black. With such a varied transition of colours, the simplicity of this home still keeps an eye catching and overall pleasant appearance. With the minimalist style, the muted colours are meant to complement the quiet and low-profile nature of the home, and help to keep an unassuming type of charm.

Another key feature in minimalist designs is the concept of open spaces. Now this may seem counter intuitive at first, after all, how does having more things in a limited space make the place look less cluttered. But if you take a step back and look at this home, it doesn’t look cluttered or messy at all, even though the home has been completely opened!

The trick here is to remove unnecessary walls and fixtures which encloses the home. Remember, walls have a thickness and they will take up space, while in minimalist styles, you’re trying to maximize the space available to you. So now that those pesky walls are out of the way, you can start to notice that the floor area has expanded and there’s so much more freedom in arranging your furniture. This is the second part to the trick. With more room, you are now free to move your furniture as you please and create large pockets of space within the home (something you can’t do with separating walls). With these large areas of empty space, the room looks a lot less congested and makes your guests feel much more comfortable.

Clean and clutter-free living room by sense and semblance

And this brings us to the next point, keep your space flexible and make sure everything has a purpose.

With minimalist designs, you want to make sure whatever you put down is going to be used. This means no decorating or the sake of decorating, but every piece of furniture has been well thought out and serves a purpose.

This will help you to declutter and keep the space free of excessive items as you store away all your unutilized furniture. In this home, you can see that the space in the living room is also being used as a study area and the flexibility of this space is more of a purpose of minimalist living, rather than a feature of it.

Clean and clutter-free living room by sense and semblance

By keeping the space neat and tidy with a minimalist style, the study table can easily fit into the area here without seeming out of place. This space utilization is important in smaller homes, and is another reason why minimalist living styles are all the rage these days.

Living are with a minimalist style by SHE Interior

Finally, you can consider combining the minimalist styles with features of contemporary living. This key feature is a big reason why minimalist styles are increasingly popular. With the framework of a minimalist living, the features and furniture choices are still large flexible. So long as the colours and styles are not too energetic, and still rather subdued, they won’t look out of place in any minimal styled home. With this home, this meant going for an unconventional living room furnishing. With beanbags and a platform style space, the room has had a modern upgrade, yet still looks very classically minimal.

Living room with a minimalist style by SHE Interior

While tearing down the separating walls may mean that you no longer have clear separations between the areas, some people may not like that homogeneity, and so what has been done here has cleverly constructed separations without disrupting the minimalist flow. The separation from the entry way to the living space has been clearly demarcated by the raised platform, yet this does not impede the effect of a large and open space without interruptions, as visual lines are not disrupted.

Living Room with brick walls and white palette

In the end, there are no hard and fast rules about how to style the minimalist home. The end effect should be that of a vast and spacious home, free from clutter and unnecessary trinkets. The space can be arranged however you wish, and more importantly, it must be something you love coming home to!

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