How to Bring That Holiday Vibe Home

The holiday vibes are ending, and if you’re a sucker for overseas travels, coming back home can be something you aren’t looking forward to. So why not bring some of those overseas vibes back home with you? Adding a few select decorative pieces to your home can change the entire mood of your home and bring back some of those lost feelings. While it may not be the same as an escape abroad, you can retain some of those vibes right at home, whether it’s an adventurous, a chill or a festive mood you’re going for, the right combination can definitely help bring some of that.

Chill Vibes

Beach house like design living room

Bring those chill vibes back home with some beach home colour palettes. If you’re a fan of lounging and relaxing, you’d want your living room to have a calm and serene feel to it. With beach house like designs, bring back all those chill days of relaxing by the beach, light pastels and white stripes are quintessential to this look, and even with just an oversized rug, you can do so much to the look.

White and deep blue living room

The whitest whites and deepest blues are another important part of this design. Reminiscent of the pearly white sand and gorgeous blue ocean, this colour scene would instantly get you ready to relax and unwind.

Island home

Hand carved wooden figures

A little related to the previous design, if you enjoy visiting exotic places, island hopping and embracing the local culture, why not bring bits of the island back home with you? Nothing gives your home a more rustic feel than hand carved wooden figures. Bringing these statues home with you aren’t just for decoration, but they also carry some sentimental value as a memory as part of your trip.

As a bonus, you can even use them as a talking point, when you have guests over these statues would be a great way to talk about your most recent adventures.

Frame Your Photos

Framed pictures on wall

Took some nice photos during your holiday, why not frame them up? There’s no better way to remember your holiday than to put some of the best memories on display. Whether it’s blown up across the backwall or set in a little photo frame on the countertop, keeping your photos up on display is a great way to keep your home nicely decorated with memories of your most recent travels.

Local scenery framed

Whether it’s a portrait, a group shot or a gorgeous shot of the local scenery, hanging up one of your travel photos lets you go back to the memory of when it was taken.

Photo feature wall

You could even create your own feature wall of all your trips. With each travel you’ll have more and more pictures to add to that collection and as it grows it’ll be a great memory of each and every one of your adventures.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Not as common in Singapore, but al fresco dining is a huge thing overseas, whether its sitting on a table along the sidewalk, or getting your meal on a romantic rooftop, these outdoor dining options include some of the most homey and warm lighting options.

Festoon lights at balcony

Adding some festoon lights to your balcony gives a picture-perfect holiday-like vibe to your home. The playfulness of these lights coupled with their gentle warm touch makes the blancoy a perfect spot to unwind and relax.

Lantern lighting

Lantern lighting resemble the romantic candle-lit European dinners you might have had, recreating those fun and intimate memories from the comfort of your own home.

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