How to Create that Perfect Reading Nook

March 5th 2020

Think about that perfect reading nook for your home. A perfect retreat to unwind and relax at the end of a long and hard day. Like a tranquil oasis for you and your thoughts to be alone, integrating reading nooks into homes has become an increasingly popular trend for new homeowners.

A rather new construct, while newer homes have moved towards smaller floor areas with more windows, reading nooks have sprung into popular demand.

Whether it’s a simple reading nook, a little space to sprawl out and relax or a small hideaway to forget life’s problems for just a bit, reading nooks are a must-have in our now fast paced lives. With the constant hustle and bustle of everyday living, it’s always nice to have a private little retreat where you can simply rest and relax in the day.

Choosing The Spot

Window seat

First, choose the spot where your future reading nook will be. Ideally, you’d want to put it next to a window with a view. A far-reaching view gives you better scenery as the background to your relaxation haven, avoiding the feeling of claustrophobia and uplifting your spirit even more.

Putting it next to a window also lets you make the most of natural lighting, try to avoid East and West facing windows as it can get hot in the day with direct sunlight. North-South facing windows offer a good balance of natural lighting while also avoiding the intense mid-day heat.

Your reading nook can be anywhere in your home from the living to bedroom, any comfortable window space can be utilized and turned into your next reading nook. A bedroom reading nook can be a lot more private, perfect if you want to get away from the kids, while a living room reading nook can be a lot bigger and serve as a great family space too.

Constructing The Nook

The next step to your reading nook dreams is to decide on the construct of the space. From a simple bench to a sprawling platform, the choice of reading nook is yours. In this idealization you can even turn the bottom of the bench into a bookshelf, a perfectly practical decision for your room.

You could even do away with built-in structures altogether and just get an oversized lounging chair for your balcony. Doing this saves you from a ‘locked-in’ situation where you have a full built-in set of furniture.

Adding Texture

Cushions, throws and carpets – The three easiest items to put into your reading nook to give it that soft but much needed touch of texture. A reading nook is meant to be a comfortable space where you can easily unwind and relax. Adding a couple of textured items to the mix, your reading nook is quickly elevated to a modern cosmopolitan inclusion to your home.

A thick high piled rug gives a warm and soft surface for your feet. Visually, a woody natural looking design would make a comfortable and warm atmosphere in your living room. For those who enjoy turning on the air conditioning when reading, the rug will also help retain some of the warmer air to keep it at a comfortable temperature, so you won’t get a shock when you step onto it from the reading nook.

Adding a large throw to your reading nook doesn’t only do it aesthetic justice, but it’s also a practical tool too. It can quickly get cold as you read, especially if you’re turning on the aircon as you read. A nice fluffy throw provides you with just the right warmth and comfort to snuggle in for the day and lose yourself in the pages. 

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