How To Furnish Your Living Space With Wooden Furnishings

Are you thinking of incorporating more wooden textures into your living space? You can start by adding wooden furnishings or introduce wooden flooring into your home. Wooden furniture does not only elevate the aesthetics of your home, it can also absorb and store the carbon dioxide in the air (not a lot but significant enough). In this article, we are going to look at how you can add a lot of wooden material into your home in a way that does not make you feel like you are living in a treehouse. We will also introduce how you can add wooden additions to your home to give it a natural touch.

She interior - Living room with wood furnishing

You can lavish your home with the same colour and woodgrain, from flooring to panelling and even your cabinets. But, an element to break the monotony of the space is needed.

In the image above, SHE Interior Design crafted a minimalist home that features a lot of wooden furnishing. However, they break the monotony by having a white top cabinet and spaces outlined with dark lines.

Having recessed and backlit lighting in different areas of the home also gives it depth.

She interior - Master Bedroom with wood flooring

You don’t have to “woodify” your home to go on zen mode. Adding wooden flooring that matches some of the furnishings is sufficient.

SHE Interior Design does not use wood of the same shade for the flooring, desk, and headboard – and it is totally fine!

She interior - balcony area

You do not need a wall to separate a space. With the very much celebrated open-concept in interior design, you can now separate space by incorporating a change in flooring. Create areas in your home without making the space feel caved-in.

Like the above image, SHE Interior Design separates the living room from the open space area by changing the flooring. You can do the same for your kitchen, dining, and other living spaces.

She interior - Kitchen island countertop

If you already have a renovated home and oh, you find out that there is a lack of a woody element, don’t worry. You can always add a wooden item that is significant enough to get heads turning when visitors come over.

The image above is an example. If you love to cook, you’d definitely want a wooden board that is the size of your kitchen top; you know the ones master chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey use? Just one wooden item can switch up the kitchen interior!

She interior - bathroom

If you think wood is not ideal for the bathroom, think again.

Speak to your interior designer about how you can incorporate wood into your bathroom. Oakwood is a good choice as it is durable, strong, and can be exposed to moisture and water. Consider getting vanity units or other bathroom fixtures that are made from polished oak wood.

Walking in a bathroom that has a mixture of woody elements will make you feel like you are entering a Balinese spa!

She interior - resting corner nook

Want to do something out of the ordinary with wood?

Create a platform!

More and more Singaporean homes are incorporating platforms in their bedroom, but you can do that for your living room too. It will be a great way to feature music instruments like the piano or other treasured items in the home.

She interior - living room with an artifical greenery wall

House your flat-screen television and its accessories in solid wood consoles, fitted with sideboards and drawers. Having a wooden feature wall (with an artificial plant wall decor) helps create a focal point and makes the living space captivating. It is one way to make rid of the sterility most modern homes have and add warmth to your abode.

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