How to get the perfect low-maintenance kitchen

September 23rd 2022

How to get the perfect low-maintenance kitchen

The kitchen is constantly exposed to harsh elements – from hot oil and grease to florescent chilis to below-zero liquids. Inevitably, we are bound to dirty our kitchens and that also means the very unpleasant job of having to scrub down your kitchen from time to time. 

We also need to ensure that this is done properly because grease stains only become harder to clean with time. The cleanliness of our kitchens is also very crucial for the hygiene of our food. 

But, we all know that this is a very tiring and back-breaking job. So, we have some tips for you to help contain any messes that might occur in the kitchen, and to make the cleaning process as convenient and hassle-free as humanely possible.

1. Separate your kitchen 

The easiest thing you could do to prevent any kitchen grease from escaping the kitchen is to simply partition your kitchen away.

This is a common feature of many households because of its practicality. 

A separating door can enhance the design of your home by emphasing the clean and sleek lines as well, making it both functional and fashionable!

2. Avoid reeded cabinets

Reeded cabinets undeniably give your kitchen a unique charm. They have a bamboo-esque look that is unmistakable and irreplacable.

However, this also spells trouble for the cleaning process because you have to get in between every single indent to make sure grease and other liquids do not accumulate.While reeded cabinets are cute, a simple flat drawer can also do wonders for your home!

Look at how well these drawers bring out the design and personality of this kitchen, and they gain bonus points for being easy to clean as well.

3. Choose a backsplash that doesn’t have gout lines

Many homes have tiled backsplash and understandably so. Ceramic tiles are heat resistant and durable, making them suitable for the harsh kitchen environment.

But, the biggest downside is that those cracks between tiles are extremely hard to clean and trap dirt very easily. 

If possible, opt for tempered glass or stainless steel backsplashes. Those can also look very classy while being easy to clean.

4. Durable and easy-to-clean countertops

Moving away from the more exciting areas of the kitchen, the countertop is an important component you have to keep in mind as well.

All materials have their advantages and disadvantages. But, if your main goal is to make cleaning easy, then laminates would be a good choice. They don’t stain that easily and only require a simple wipe with warm water and soap.

Engineered quartz and sinstered stones are also a good choice because of their marble-like look and ease of cleaning.

5. Go for induction hobs!

A fair portion of us may be used to the open flames of an old-school gas hob while some others are accustomed to induction hobs.

The wok hey that comes from an open flame is definitely hard to replicate but induction stoves are much easier to clean.

6. Choose a good cooker hood

A lot of the odours in the kitchen accumulate due to poor ventilation. It is crucial that you invest in a good cooker hood that can diffuse all the smoke and odours that are produced while cooking.

Regardless of your usage, a good cooker good can cool down the kitchen and removes any fume.

There are also a variety of hoods now, so you’re surely to find one that fits your style!

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