How To Have A Stainless Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen stainless is hard work, especially if it’s being used on a daily basis. But there’s no better sight than to see your kitchen sparkling in the light, without a stain, grain or drip in sight.

While there are the usual ways of keeping your kitchen clean (intense cleaning, overprotective layering), why not take the easier way and just use something that won’t stain, and cleans off easily? Yes, we’re talking about stainless steel for more than just your dinnerware.

Stainless steel kitchen
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So why stainless steel? Well, if its good enough to keep restaurant grade kitchens clean enough for inspection, shouldn’t it make your life at home easier then. Stainless steel has many properties which actually make it perfectly suited in the kitchen.


Stainless steel sink
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It’s pretty much in the name, the highly resistant metal stays clean and shiny after years and years of use. This means even your sinks and basins will look just as new as they did on day 1 throughout their lifespan. The perk of having a stainless steel sink means you won’t have to watch out for discolouration and oil stains.

With your usual ceramic and porcelain sinks, the enamel tends to thin out over the years and eventually, that protective layer isn’t so protective anymore, so you’ll start to see dirt and stains sticking to the surface and you’ll either have to resurface or replace the sink if you want it back in tip top shape.

Plus, with stainless steel sinks, you won’t have to worry about your ceramics or metal cutlery damaging the sink, no chance of cracks, unsightly scratches or chips with a metal sink!

Chic and Contemporary

Stainless steel counter tops
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Stainless steel doesn’t mean your kitchen will start looking drab and dreary, there are lots of ways you can still dress up your kitchen while making use of this super surface. If you aren’t a fan of using metal all around the kitchen, then use it selectively.

Keeping the important areas covered with this amazing wrap will make sure your countertops and backsplash stay easily cleaned. The non-porous surface means you won’t have trouble with germs and dirt getting stuck over time, and the highly resistant sheen keeps the space looking smart at all times.

With a certain amount of ingenuity, you can even make your kitchen shine! With modern trends favouring metallic accents in contemporary styles, it isn’t out of place to have a little bit of bling in the home.

Keep Maintenance Low

Stainless steel fridge and oven
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Stainless steel is also a god send in terms of simple maintenance. Waterproof, stain proof and dirt proof, the material will repel any of these things away in a jiffy. You won’t even need to shine or polish it for its entire lifetime either.

The clean and sleek look of such a façade is quickly kept up with simple surface cleaning with a wet towel or simple surface cleaning solutions! No more scrubbing or caustic detergents to rub out those stubborn stains.

Long Term Savings

Stainless steel carpentry
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With the durability and longevity of stainless-steel carpentry, you’ll actually be saving in the long run. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be a lengthy and expensive procedure.

With custom fitted carpentry, the bill can easily rack up to the thousands, and with wear and tear from usage and humidity (especially in our climate), you may be looking at a change once every 5-10 years. However, with stainless steel, you can say goodbye to these costs. You can be sure that your cupboards are built to last and you can keep them for pretty much your entire lifetime if they were built well.

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