How To Improve Natural Lighting In Your Home

natural lighting

You’ve got your keys to your HDB, condominium or home, and when you enter, hmm, something seems lacklustre. Even though it is supposed to be an empty, unfurnished space, you can help but feel underwhelmed because…you can’t put a finger to it. Well, most of the time, lighting (or the lack of it) is the issue. In this modern world, the modern man spends approximately 90% of his day indoors. Aside from walking to catch our public transportation and the occasional outdoor sport, most of us work, play and dine indoors. However, that is not very healthy – that is why we want you to find ways to improve the natural lighting in your home.

Now, these suggestions may involve major renovations or minor change for your home, but take it in stride and do whichever suits your budget – after all, the sun is always shining down on Singapore!

transparent glass wall
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Looking for the next ‘IT’ thing for your house? Two words – Transparent Walls.

With the popularity of transparent walls with sliding doors skyrocketing, clients and designers are captivated by the cutting edge aesthetics and elegant look it gives off.

Now, is the process of replacing the walls with glass sliding doors easy? My answer would be no, but you should give it a shot. When all the planning, designing and construction has settled, stand back and take in the change in the look of your home.

Nothing beats natural lighting, and glass exteriors can give you exactly that. While the choices are mainly floor-to-ceiling windows, you have the option to customise it, so it serves as an extended window.

By using glass as a substitute for walls, you are opening up the place, making it modern, spacious and brighter. It also serves as a great sound insulator with spectacular design and convenient layouts. If you’ve got a good view from your vantage point, that is an added advantage.

clear doors
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One way to get more natural light into your house is to remove the walls to the room next to the living area, converting it into a sliding, clear door.

Have a door that is standing in the way? Fret not, we have interior designers that can knock your worries off, one wall at a time.

From deciding the ideal panel size to frame thickness and frame placement, they will be there to advise you through every step.

Joining two interior rooms can work wonders and transform the house into looking bigger. The glass wall permits separate activities in each room without interference. So, just imagine being able to watch your favourite TV show in peace and at the comfort of knowing what’s happening in the next room.

Of course, behind every masterpiece is a plan. It may take a bit more planning, maneuvering (with engineering expertise) and cost, but in the long run, it serves the home better.

light walls
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Colours work wonders. In this case, it’s the magic you need to add more light to your room.

One way to reflect natural light back into your room is to pick the right interior wall colour. Light Reflectance Value (LRV) can range from close to 0-percent for black to near to 100-percent for pure white.

While white is the brightest, it may not be the colour you’re looking for. Instead, search for whites with other colour tones. You’d be surprised at the vast range of subtly different shades.

Next important part – ceilings. If you haven’t noticed, most if not all ceilings are white, and for a good reason, as white reflects light. Now, if I were you, I’d pick flat white over glossier sheens – for ceilings. The reason being that a matte finish reduces glare, and because they don’t get touched often, there isn’t a need for the washability of glossier paint.

natural light
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Natural lighting is amazing!

It is the thing that helps with our sleeping and waking up cycles through the stimulation of our hormones. Therefore, natural light should not be a luxury but a MUST in every home. However, a suitable window treatment solution should be in place should a need to block it arises – and when in Singapore, it is very very important.

Picking the right window treatment solution deserves as much attention as any other aspect of the house design to make certain the results are stylish and functional.

A sheer curtain is a great choice if you want a little bit of everything from your window treatments — privacy, light, and looks — without having to commit too heavily to any one of those needs.

hallway mirror
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When it comes to getting furnishings to enhance the natural light in your home, one of the major must-haves (with proper placement) is a mirror or any shiny, glossy and reflective room elements. It plays a big role in giving off the immediate feeling of stimulating light when you enter the house.

Mirrors in a hallway are strategic to ensure that light reflects into a dark room off the side of it.

A chandelier in a room is eye-catching, but when sunlight reflects on it, the faux crystals redirect more light into the room. The best part? The chandelier doesn’t have to be turned on for all of this to take place.

With a little bit of planning and rearranging, you’ll come to see the wonders it does when it comes to brightening up a space.

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