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how to replicate a farmhouse bedroom

Don’t you love the idea of flouncing onto a springy bed, and listening to the morning birds coo in a bedroom exuding a country vibe of your dreams?

Now you don’t have to live in the United States or a farm to replicate a bedroom in farmhouse style. You just have to follow some rules that typifies this easy and warm decorating style to create one of your own.

Use a quilt

You got to use a quilt for your bed if you want to reproduce country style for your room. You can purchase a quilt at any bed linen store or online, or you can even use an old quilt to add a nostalgic flavour. A quilt with prints can be placed over white sheets to create interest in a room.

A four- poster bed

An item you must use to recreate a farmhouse style décor bedroom is  a four-poster bed. This hallmark item can be teamed with dark oak cabinets to create a cohesive look.

The designer also uses another item synonymous with the farmhouse style—shiplap walls. These are wood-clad walls painted in white to up the nostalgic factor.

White predominates

For a farmhouse style bedroom, white colour predominates and you can soften the effect with soft colours such as pastels.

Here the designer furnishes the room with Victorian furniture complete with a Victorian bed and dresser. You can team the white with pastels such as baby blue or other pastel colours.

Use gingham

Nothings spells more country than gingham. This white on red assembly works well not just on bedsheets but also curtains. The white theme and wooden flooring also up the farmhouse style.

Red gingham For farmhouse bedroom style

Add in blue

You can also add in blue to a farmhouse themed bedroom. Like the one in the picture below, blue evoke a coastal theme. Have pictures of yachts by the bedside to make it a wholesome assembly. The designer has one wall painted in blue and thrown in wicker baskets and a woven carpet to add texture.

Wood element

The wood element is another integral part of a farmhouse style bedroom. As pictured below, this kids’ bedroom is innovative in that it uses wood as an over-arching theme. The beds are wooden and the flooring is finished in a light grain. The overall feel is very country.

A soft colour such as green

Besides white, a farmhouse style bedroom can predominate in soft colours such as green. Pale colours such as lavender and soft blue also work as well. These colours give off a peaceful vine that is very much farmhouse style.

Farmhouse textures

You can pair turfed headboard with baby blue throw pillows for an interesting combination of glamour and country. The chromed metal lamps also add a notch of class.

The turfed sofa matches the style of the headboard whereas the sheep rug below adds a Scandinavian vibe. The overall feel is hygge country with a luxurious touch.

Farmhouse textures for a bedroom
Credit: Box Plan Design

Now you can style your bedroom in a homey farmhouse way. Other ways you can try include placing rustic feel items, going for a minimal design, combing old with new items- all to create a cocoon of your own flavour.

You can purchase items such as bedroom sets from Ashley furniture or ask your interior designer to buy for you. But do make an effort to plan and inject your own style.

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