How to save electricity efficiently at home

Imagine a day without electricity? Our work will not be completed because we rely heavily on the internet, we’ll be living in the darkness when night falls because there is no light, and it will be difficult to sleep without air-conditioning or fan! In today’s article, we look at simple ways to save electricity efficiently in your homes.

Use what is natural

Save electricity - use natural light
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When you think of nature, most associate it with sunshine and green plants. Bingo! It is what you can introduce to your home.

If you are still looking to renovate your home, consider having floor-to-ceiling windows, especially if your windows are facing Southeast as you’ll get the beautiful morning sun and not the hot evening blaze afterward. It is also good for homes facing the North or the South as direct sunlight won’t shine directly into your homes.

Having natural light means you don’t have to use electricity to brighten your house during the day. If you are afraid that it might get steaming hot, switch on the fan and have some plants in your home. It can keep your room fresh and cool on a hot day due to its transpiration process.

There you have it, no need to switch on the lights or the air-conditioning – at least not until the sun goes down.

Replace your light bulbs

save electricity - change light bulb
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If you are currently staying in a resale HDB, take a minute to check your light fixtures. Some of it may still be using the traditional incandescent light bulbs that consume more energy than LED (light-emitting diode) ones. If you didn’t already know, LEDs consume 25 – 80% less energy and last three to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

The initial investment is a little bit higher for LED bulbs, but you save more in the long run. Remember to switch off the lights after use, even though you are using energy-saving bulbs. It all adds up to your electric bill.

Bathe in cold water

Save electricity - bathe cold water
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Maybe your initial reaction is “No way!”

But let’s just mull on this idea, and you can make a decision later when you enter the bathroom. The water heater spikes up the electric bill significantly, especially if it is an old model. There are a few ways to reduce electricity consumption when it comes to water heater usage.

  1. Get an energy-efficient tankless water heater, perfect for small families.
  2. Turn down the thermostat of your water heater
  3. Don’t use the water heater!

Singapore is hot hot hot all year round, and when the weather is sweltering hot, maybe you should try not switching the heater at all. When we bathe with cold water, our blood circulation is improved, as the blood in our deeper tissues circulates faster.

Unplug when not in use

save electricty - unplug when no in used
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How many of you turn off your modem and unplug after the day is over? We suppose there are very few. Some of you may think that it does not consume much energy, but when you have any items in your household that are not unplugged after you call it a night, a small amount of electricity is still drawn. When totalled, it can be quite significant, approximately 10%!

You can use your electricity more efficiently by unplugging when not in use. It means your washing machine, Internet modem, electric kettle, microwave and more. Also, don’t leave your mobile phone plugged in overnight. It only takes a few hours to charge. Unplug it after it is fully-charged.

Check your refrigerator

Save electricity - check refrigerator
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Do you find yourself opening the fridge door more frequently ever since we are advised to stay home due to COVID-19? Reducing this habit will reduce electricity use and save electricity in return.

Did you also know that stocking your fridge with food and drinks will reduce electricity usage? Yes, having it fully-stocked will regulate its temperature more efficiently as cold items continue to keep the small space cold. If you don’t have many foodstuffs stored in the fridge, try adding jugs of water in it.

Another trick is to move your refrigerator just an inch further away from the wall to clean the condenser coils behind. Removing the dust, dirt and grime collected since the day you brought it home can save up to 40% of energy.

It all adds up!

The ‘ save electricity’ practices above may seem so easy and insignificant, but trust us when we say it is going to save you a significant amount of money when practiced together. New habits are difficult to cultivate, but you could just do one of the above and slowly incorporate it into your lifestyle. If you want more household tips and tricks, we have more on our Goodreads section. You can also browse our handyman services to get your faulty or old appliances updated or cleaned for more efficient electricity usage.

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Save the earth, save your money, save electricity!

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