How to set up a workstation without a room

Having a small home office can be a great convenience for you, whether its for those work from home days, doing projects or even just a little workspace where you can set up your laptop comfortably. Home offices don’t have to be a dedicated room (although having a dedicated room may help, but if you have a few square meters to spare in your home, it can be easy to set up and get going.

Minimalist Simplicity

Without having to invest into much hardware, keeping a table at the side of your home can be the perfect option for an easy to set up working space. Having such a simple design allows you to easily fit it into any design or style of home you might have.

Another space saving idea, you can even utilize those awkward corners you can’t seem to fit anything else into. With these built-in styled workstations, they have a minimal footprint and look sleek. Complement these with some shelves and a comfortable chair and you’re all ready to go.

Space Savers

When not in use, these spaces saving folding desks are low profile and look just like a simple cabinet. Perfect for those more constrained homes which may already have problems with space utilization. These types of desks can be placed comfortably in a living room and are barely noticeable when stowed away.

But when it comes to usage, these desks can open to give you enough space to work from comfortably, with cupboards and corkboards, these transform into fully functioning desks. Plus, since these desks are meant to be low profile, you won’t need to have a dedicated chair to it when its not being used. You can simply just bring over one of your dining chairs when you need them.

Bedroom Workstations

If you’re low on space in the living room, you can consider integrating a workstation into your bedroom too. For those living in shared apartments, living alone or if you’re planning the bedroom for your kids, keeping a smaller bed gives you more space in the room and you can utilize that space by including a worktable. This also makes it easier for you to work from since all your items are at arm’s length, and you can even work from the comfort of your own bed.

With this study space idea, the bedroom actually seems more open. The uninterrupted visual lines from the workspace to the windows gives the workstation a beautiful view to the outside, making the room less claustrophobic and brighter.

Image of loft bed with study space

For children, a loft bed with a study space can be a convenient choice, giving them a dedicated studying space in the comfort of their own room. This space saving option can be ideal if your child has their own room, but there isn’t enough space for a dedicated study room.

Dedicated Workspaces

If you happen to be lucky enough to have enough space (or an extra room) to create a study, you can maximize the space available and convert even a small pocket of space into a study. In this image, you can quite easily turn the extra space in a 5-room flat into a study alcove. With a long table and sufficient cupboard space, the Nordic styled workstation is large enough to support 2 people.

Eating a little into the living room, a small recess can also be created to make way for workstations right at the heart of the home. This option is popular with those who opt for non-traditional smaller dining spaces and convert the original dining space to a home office.