How to style your home with glamour and glitz

In this age of glitz and glamour, we’re moving towards the high-class style of living. Trying to mix that Hollywood style of bling with minimalist designs, its not easy to pull off a home which looks neat and yet at the same time is showing off all its bells and whistles. With such a niche, styling these designer look-a-like homes is no easy task, and there can be many pitfalls which push your home from looking glam to just gawdy. So instead of telling you the million and one rules you should be following to make sure your home doesn’t fall into this trap, we’re just going to focus on the most common (and probably the easiest) thing people do when they want to bling up their estate.

Quite literally, bling. With metallic accent pieces around the home, these strategically placed light reflectors add just the right level of luxury and style that can turn any originally modern/cosmopolitan/minimalist styled home into a shimmering masterpiece. So why metal? Metal is one of those up and coming materials which has gained hype over the past few years. Its popularity can be traced to its association with Hollywood’s famous, used to adorn the homes of some of the most glamourous in the world. The shiny property of this material is also a reflection of their popularity and éclat. The polished metal is also a great way to let more light into your home, by creating a polished surface which light can bounce off of and be dispersed all over, having metallic pieces actually help to brighten up your home, and this is especially useful for modern apartments where there isn’t as much sunlight.

Now we don’t mean you need to cover your entire home with tin foil. But putting a few pieces of haute coutute items within the home to elevate its standing. In this home, the item of choice were these gorgeous metallic pendant lights which were hung right in the middle of the kitchen. With the open kitchen concept, the lights become even more prominent in the home (some might even say the centrepiece). And so with such a focal point, the entire style and air of the home takes a pivot shift and transforms itself from a run of the mill cosmopolitan styled home, to the heart of Beverly Hills.

Take this other example. The home may be small, and this compaction makes it easy for a single item piece to influence the entire room and possible the entire home. Instead of pendant lights, the brass finish on the legs and backs of these bar stools makes them stand out from the crowd. Plus, the futuristic looking clock on the back of the countertop is another nice addition to this home. Put together, the style gives the home a much glitzier look, injecting some spunk and character into it.

Not just limited to furniture, this example is an excellent showcase of the brilliant effect the home can have when it creates a congruent and harmonious metallic styling. From the stools to the pendant lighting, we’ve already discussed how these small details can give the home a nudge in the right direction. But here, it takes it one step further, and the wall itself has these shimmering metal accents to it. With these geometric lines drawn across in hues of rose gold, there is no better way to describe this than breath-taking. The contemporary design is not only stylish, it is also forward thinking. With this almost futuristic design, the home has managed to push itself as a leader and pioneer of such glamourous styles, taking a bold leap towards what’s coming next.

Finally, if you’re not one to go for ‘louder’ and more extroverted designs, and you prefer more muted and less attention-grabbing styles, you can still upgrade your home with these metallic stylings. With this home, the owners opted for a matte black finish on their very sleek pendant lighting. While it’s a little bit of a contrast to the polished sparkle of the previous pendant lights, this textured finish adds a layer of suave and coolness to it. With the light absorbing shade, the home still carries a glamourous look to it, albeit a more mature look. This style may be better suited for those with more mature tastes and prefer a classier look. Plus, if you look at the back, the fridge also carries that brushed metal look to it, with nice reflective hue on the surface, the metal is still brightening up the room, and giving that glitzy look.