Ideas For Designing Your Home

What are the upcoming trends for 2020 with regards to interior designing? What is the latest fashion? Will technology bring in a new revolution to spear head the necessary changes in interior designing?

Interior designers have become increasingly aware that technology continues to play a part of our daily lives. In fact, statistics show that newer homes tend to incorporate technology faster than ever before.

As a new home buyer, you can have a choice as to how you would want to incorporate certain type of tech that would be useful to your new home.


Smart keys have been increasingly on the use, smart lock systems or smart keys they would call it is now the new trend of the 21st century. They come with bio sensors, and number pad locks. The days of losing your keys and needing to call the lock smiths are now over. As long as you still have your code you will be able to access your own home.

There are several types of smart lock systems that you can buy for your new home.

Samsung Digital Lock

Samsung Digital Lock

The features include:

  • Home security that can be used on doors, gates, and even securing certain types of windows.
  • main selling point would be using a push pull lock system that relies on Bluetooth technology
  • A system like the Samsung digital lock could set a buyer anywhere from $500 – $1000.

What would smart homes look like in the future?

With technologies emerging such as 3D printing, consumers have long wondered what would our homes look like from 50 years down the road? One of the increasing trends that we have observed in our society is that we can safely say that it is all about convenience.

According to Swiss interior designer founder of Fuseproject, Yves Béhar. The home in 20 years is silent, focused on human interaction, sustainable, healthy, and uniquely shaped experientially for its occupant.

Smart Furniture?

We have heard of smart TVs, smart phones, and even smart cars, but what about smart furniture’s? Won’t it be great if we could have a furniture that can change its height or perhaps even activate special features that gives you the maximum amount of comfort?

Who knows, in the near future, a smart furniture could also revolutionize the way we all live. Take a look at the vacuum cleaner for example. We started off with big and bulky wired vacuum cleaners that was difficult to move around. However, with Dyson’s vacuum tech that could be carried around at ease any time anywhere shows how technology has evolved over the years.

Even today what we have are robot vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners that could do the cleaning without any instructions from anyone. Just walk around Changi airport and you could see huge cleaning robots wiping the floor without the presence of a human being. With our imagination and constant creativity, anything can be possible. The skies the limit for home technology.

What can we look forward too? Perhaps in the not too distant future, I can only imagine technology such as advance home systems that could remind you that your groceries are depleting, or smart lighting systems that could respond to your voice by just shouting lights on or lights off, or perhaps even a robotic system that could be used to even walk your dog.

The future is indeed very exciting. What we can expect is that when technologies get more advance, home designs could change for the better.

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