Ideas For Your Kids Room

With most homeowners deciding to have a more neutral colour theme for their kids where it will be more toddler to teen-friendly phrases, you can opt for this timeless colours of black, white with hints of grey on the wall. Adding some fun for your toddler will be hints of variants colours with yellow stools, carpets, and cartoon-inspired bed sheets.

Minimum furniture, allows the kid to have an open space for playing with their toys in their own room.

More than a kid in the room? Might have foresee some bickering that’s bound to happen between the two kids. This room is designed to be symmetry that allows the kids that are sharing the same space, have the same amount of space. It probably might solve the ‘sides’ issue, but it does help your kids stay responsible to organize for their own space.

If space constraint is an issue, how about a bunk bed? Furniture has been kept to the minimum. The older child and your toddler may just co-habitat in this small room. It will help optimize the space while encouraging siblings to bond together more often, what’s more, the older child may help you to take care of the toddler at night.

If you are looking for a boy’s room idea, how about a nautical theme? It might allow your child to have the best voyage dreams in their sleep.

Looking for a girls’ room instead? How about this white theme bedroom, decorated with pink butterflies and also allow your girl to hang up her masterpiece at one of the walls. With smart designing, it can fill the room’s interior for your little artist.

This neutral Scandinavian theme kids bedroom allows your kids to create a mini playhouse with their own bed area. With the moon and stars decorating the upper walls and ceiling to create natural feel for your kid’s imagination to run wild, as though they might be outside camping.

Optimizing the area with floor space for your kid to play around the room and minimum furniture to block their path of running around in the room. Consider this theme to be your 2-in-1 by combining their playroom and bedroom. If cousins are to stay over, they have amber space to place more sleeping bags or mattresses on the play area to have their sleepover together.

If you still have trouble thinking about what kind of theme you will like to design for your kid’s room, do approach our interior designers for more options and inspiration!