Ideas For Holiday Feasts

One of the best parts about this season has to be the amount and variety of food available! With a mix of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up, there are more than enough reasons for you to pig out and fill up on the delicious food that comes out once a year. Not to mention the special holiday deals and discounts you can snag along the way. Whether you’re looking to cater for a party in your house, or you’re thinking of celebrating with a meal out, here are some options for you to consider this holiday season.


Image of homecooked meals


Doing it yourself is one of the most intimate and flexible options. If your home is well stocked with appliances for you to whip up a storm, then consider having a stay-in celebration. Cooking the dishes yourself lets you pick and choose your favourite dishes and you can adjust the flavour to your liking. What’s more, a task as mammoth as this would probably involve the whole family, giving you the perfect excuse to bond before enjoying the fruits of your labour at the end.  Nothing brings the family closer than a heart-warming meal made with love.

Of course, this comes with the expectation that you are able cook! Don’t plan to execute a dish that’s too hard, or that you’re doing for the first time, perfectly, the fun is all in the process of making it and enjoying the company. If you aren’t confident in your culinary skills, then maybe give this one a miss and consider the other options.


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Still giving you the flexibility to pick and choose dishes that you like, choosing ala carte sets from various suppliers lets you curate your own perfect holiday meal. Don’t limit yourself to just one shop but choose the best options from a variety of caterers. This is almost as flexible as cooking it all yourself since you are building the menu you want from scratch. But bear in mind that not everything you want will be available or may be more expensive than doing it yourself.

FairPrice and Cold Storage have already released their holiday food catalogue with yearly favourites, as well as new items like Paella and Porchetta. The best part about all of this is how convenient it is. You can even order pre-determined party sets (which come with discounts and freebies) that include holiday staples like ham, turkey and a roast, plus you can add on more ala carte items to your order if these sets aren’t enough. Both grocers allow you to do it from the comfort of your home and have it picked up on the day of your party.


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Save yourself the trouble of picking and choosing individual dishes and making a menu from scratch, why not leave it to the professionals? Maintain the warmth of a gathering at your home but add in specially picked selections of food for you and your guests to enjoy. This brings together the best of both worlds, saving you the hassle of preparing the food, and still have it from the comfort of your home. You also avoid the headache of decorating and setting up since all of that is handled by the caterer!

Orange Clove Catering is currently having 10% off it’s Christmas buffet menus starting from $20 per guest, and free additional dishes for HSBC Card members. Delight yourself in their dazzling feast with seasonal treats like Roasted Butternut Pumpkin & Pepper Pilaf Rice Scented with Saffron, or Tender Chicken with Sage & Honshimeji Mushroom.

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Now a days you can even get catering from non-conventional sources. Restaurants like Morganfields have expanded their repertoire to provide holiday feasts for the home. Their signature sticky ribs feature holiday spins like Cranberry and Hazelnut glazes, fitting for the season.


The classic way to savour a holiday meal is to treat yourself and eat out. While this is usually the most expensive of all the options, you can find some really good deals and offers especially this time of the year.

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Fern Tree Café in Hotel Miramar is having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion from 21 December all the way till 1 January, with dining options for both lunch and dinner. Plus, diners eating during dinner on any of those days can indulge in free flow of beer and fresh oysters with one complimentary lobster per guest. The international buffet spread covers all the classics from a roast station to fresh seafood.

There are more than enough hotels this festive season with holiday themed dinners available and limited selection of festive delicacies. Starting from $38 hotels of the likes of Intercontinental, Pan Pacific and Fullerton all have special treats up this time of the year.

The Garage interior


You won’t have to just limit yourself to a hotel buffet. The Garage is a beautiful option for Christmas bunch or dinner. Sporting a festive multi-course menu, the restaurant promises to offer a one-of-a-kind experience of dining in a UNSECO World heritage site while accompanied by the highest quality of food, from Mauritian Red Bass, to Sanchoku Wagyu Rump and their unique Quince Christmas Pudding.