If Contemporary Were A Home

June 21st 2022

If Contemporary Were A Home

Contemporary designs have been in trend for quite a while. Characterised by minimalism, sophistication, textures, and sleek lines, it is no wonder that this design is gaining popularity. Contemporary homes are pleasing to the eye and make your space look cohesive, simple yet elegant. With a focus on space, rather than objects, this concept allows any space to look grand and spacious. This is especially enticing for those of us who enjoy clutter-free homes. To better understand how all these elements come together so seamlessly, we can walk through one such contemporary household. 

The Living Room 

Like a breath of fresh air, the design of the living room has an invigorating effect. The backdrop features very clean lines, which serve as a good base for the accompanying décor. The living room is tastefully furnished with comfy sofa seats, a useful TV console, and a snug coffee table right in the centre. The greys and wood come together almost as if tradition and modernity were coexisting in the same room. 

The Kitchen​

The kitchen layout is reminiscent of a commercial kitchen set – white cabinets, wooden drawers and overhead spotlights. Once again, we see the characteristic lines that are common with contemporary designs. If anything, it is even more pronounced in the kitchen with the lines of the cabinets and wall. The wood also complements the white backdrop well.

The Dining Area

Here, the colour palette shifts to become more monochromatic. Light grey covers the floor and decorate the chairs which contrast against the perfectly white background. The intricate light structure at the dining area adds a layer of dimension and height to the otherwise plain room. This is where we see the emphasis on space coming to play. You may also notice that the light fixture again features clean lines, so as to not create too much contrast in the room.

Dining Area + Mini Kitchen

What we’ve seen so far is a more modern concept with hints of wooden textures. But, we can reverse the entire concept and still end up with the same contemporary feel. Here, we see a largely wooden interior design interlaced with white and teal. This colour palette and design creates a more visually intricate effect that is sure to draw your attention. 

The Bedroom

The bedroom has to be one of the most comfortable rooms in any home. This is easily achieved through the calming effect created of light-coloured wood and a minimalistic design. This bedroom has a few Scandinavian influences that softens the atmosphere of the room. Ultimately, the result is a sanctuary made to lull you to sleep.

The Bathroom

Though it is often the smallest space in most homes, the bathroom can be made to look spacious and neat. By minimising on the protruding shelves and storage spaces, we can see how the bathroom showcases only the necessary elements. You definitely won’t feel crammed or claustrophobic in this space given the lack of items that may mask the beautiful design.

The beautiful home in the pictures above was conceptualised by Smartlivin Studio. They specialise in creating aesthetically pleasing homes and have a team of dedicated and talented designers to come up with the most fascinating interior designs. Check out more of their work here: https://www.facebook.com/smartlivinstudio 


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