Ikea Products that Define Your Home’s Interior

If you’re looking for ways to help define the space in your home better, it may come as a surprise that Ikea can be one of those palaces to turn to. With a huge catalogue of furniture big and small, it actually shouldn’t be such big news that you could actually find just the thing you need to create the style you want.

Beach Hamptoms

Perfectly suited for that Hamptons styled home, these woven baskets are so cute and fitting. Throwbacks to sandcastles and sun tanning, the relaxing and beach front look from these hampers are the one thing that’s missing from turning your modern minimalist home into a tropical themed getaway. The soft material of the woven rattan gives the impression of flexibility and free form, contrasting to the usual rigid-like structures in modern styles.

Adding bends and curves into the design of the home, the rounded edges really take the heat and the seriousness off from the rest of your more angular furniture. With the perfect pairing to make for that perfect sophisticated yet beachy vibe, use light and bright colour combinations like white and shades of pastel grey in the background to get an effortlessly calming setting.


If you’re going for a vintage style look, then a standing lamp is the way to go. Sometimes grand looking upholstery can’t really make the definition of a blast from the past kind of look, after all, they are still popular with the current trends and styles.

So instead, what says vintage more than this steel jointed standing lamp? With its oversized lampshade and lengthy arm, the lamp itself is reminiscent of a much older and grander looking generation in interior design.

Even with more modern and modest looking furniture, the lamp adds that touch of familiarity and old timey warmth and comfort to the room.


It’s easy to have a perfectly minimalist and well organized home, only to have that image derailed by a messy toilet. Upgrade and organize your bathroom with this simple trick. Instead of having a counter-top full of accessories and creams, try grouping items together with small boxes and trays.

While cabinetries were the way to go in the past, if you’re facing space issues in an already small toilet, you may not want to block up more space with these bulky cabinets. So try Ikeas towel rack and chair!

Keep a few pristine towels hung up to give a polished and minimalist interior, while using the seat of the chair as the new ‘counter-top’. This also prevents the mirror from being blocked (because a blocked mirror can quickly spell disaster for your organized interior), and the organization of the other toiletries gives you a charming bathroom.

Casual Bachelor

The clean and no-nonsense look of this kitchenette is the defining feature of this home. Meant for a studio to a one room bachelor pad, this set up is a solid design for those who live a life outside of their home more than inside.

The small bench and table set up here is the definitive piece of furniture of the home. Set as a very casual dining space, the get up is comfortable enough to fit one to two people, but obviously would not do well with more. At one glance, the space looks perfect for a single person, or even a young couple. The casualness of the design further emphasizes this point as the laid-back colours of navy and beige create a relaxing environment that seems free of responsibilities.


Spruce up any room with some of Ikeas decorative stickers, brushed looking flower gives the softest touch to any room. Perfect to add that slight feminine touch to any space, the colours vary in intensity and shade, but avoids looking overpowering as the perfect accent piece to any room.

Youthful and Adventurous

But if you’re going for a more adventurous and exciting vibe, Ikea does not disappoint either. With its product line of modern art work, you can find high energy neon signs juxtaposed against the more mature and reserved looking black and white image here.

With such a contrast, the art is the perfect piece to hang up for those in their youth. Reflecting their rejection of convention and willingness to pave their own path, the art work is truly reflective of a free and independent spirit.