Ikea's Top 10 Most Useful Products

By James Frankurt , Apr 30, 2020
Ikea's Top 10 Most Useful Products

Ikea can be considered as one of Asia's largest retailers of household items. They have a variety of items that suits and cater to every homeowner's style and preferences.

According to a survey, below are the top 10 most commonly used or purchased items in Ikea since 2018!

#10 Bevara Sealing Clip

Bevara Sealing Clip
Sealing clip, set of 30, assorted colours $2.90

Plastic wrap with Bevara Sealing Clip
Photo credit: Ikea

This is a useful tool to keep your snacks or half-eaten food. Instead of keeping your left-overs in a container or box, simply put them in a plastic wrap and use the sealing clip to seal them up. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors too.

#9 PÄRKLA Storage Case

PÄRKLA Storage Case
PÄRKLA storage box $3.90

This is perfect for everything from your accessories, clothing, linens, beddings to even shoes! It doesn't take up much space as it folds flat.

PÄRKLA Storage Case stored under bed

Photo credit: Ikea

The storage box can also be stored under your bed to save space! You can put those spare bed sheets, pillowcases, or unwanted clothing inside.

#8 FRAKTA Carrier Bag

FRAKTA Carrier Bag
FRAKTA Carrier bag $0.90

This is one of the most popular and hot-selling items in Ikea! It is big and durable and able to carry most things.

Using FRAKTA Carrier Bag
Photo Credit: Ikea

This huge and durable bag can be used for almost everything! It can be your grocery bag, recycled bags or even for waste sorting! It is also easy to keep clean - Just rinse and dry it.

#7 TEVALEN Storage Unit

TEVALEN Storage Unit
TEVALEN Storage unit $9.90

This all-white cabinet gives a clean and clutter-free look. The open shelves allow you to easily see and reach out for things. Therefore, it is good to keep common items on this storage unit.

TEVALEN Storage Unit with common items
Photo credit: Shopee

The shelves are easy to remove and that makes it easy to clean and maintain too. Simply just use a cloth to wipe dry.

#6 KALLAX Shelving Units

KALLAX Shelving Units
KALLAX Shelving units $69-$259

KALLAX series of shelving are customizable and able to adapt to your needs, budgets and space. They offer opening shelving with no doors, shelving with doors or even shelving unit with desk combinations.

KALLAX Shelving Units in kids room
Photo credit: Ikea

These shelving units can also be used as a room or space divider. You can place it either vertically or horizontally depending on the space available.

It is also easy to clean. Simply use a cloth that is dampened with water. You can also choose to add in a mild cleanser.

#5 FÖRSIKTIG Children's Stool

FÖRSIKTIG Children's Stool
FÖRSIKTIG Children's Stool $3.90

This is a popular purchase among the parents! With this stool, children can now reach for their own toothbrush or look at themselves in the mirror!

Child stepping on FÖRSIKTIG Children's Stool
Photo credit: Ikea

This stool comes with an anti-slip cover to prevent the risk of slipping or falling down. It is also made from harmless plastic, similar material used in baby bottles and food boxes. However, this stool carries a maximum of 35kg.

#4 RÅSKOG Trolley

RÅSKOG Trolley
RÅSKOG Trolley $59

This trolley can fit into small spaces and be movable to wherever you need it. It is the perfect use for kitchen, bathroom or places that need extra storage. The middle shelf is adjustable, and the trolley also stands on uneven floors steadily due to the adjustable castors.

RÅSKOG Trolley as serving tray
Photo credit: Ikea

This 3-layer storage unit can be used as a serving tray too.

RÅSKOG Trolley with bathroom accessories
photo credit: Ikea

Else, it can also be used to store your bathroom or kitchen accessories. The movable wheels make it easy for you to reach out to your items too.

#3 KLIPSK Bed Tray

KLIPSK Bed Tray $12.90

This lovely bed tray is the perfect item you need if you are someone who loves to read or work at your comfort zone! The bed tray does not take up much space as the legs are foldable, making it easy to keep.

KLIPSK Bed Tray with food
Photo credit: Ikea

The bed tray also comes with a groove that allows you to place your phone or iPad securely on the tray without falling off.

Using laptop on KLIPSK Bed Tray
Photo credit: Ikea

If you wish to charge your tablet or mobile, the bed tray also has a hole for the cable! The maximum load for the bed tray is 5kg.

#2 BÄSTIS Lint Roller

BÄSTIS Lint Roller
BÄSTIS Lint Roller $1.90

This roller can easily and quickly remove dust or threads on your clothes, bedsheets, furniture or even your car seats. It has a practical handle that comes with a hole which makes it easy for you to hang anywhere.

Using BÄSTIS Lint Roller on linen
Photo credit: Ikea

Using BÄSTIS Lint Roller on shirt
Photo credit: Ikea

If you have pets at home, you definitely have those animal hairs all around your body and furniture. So, this roller also comes in handy for a quick clean-up! It consists of 40 sheets, a total length of 7.5m.

#1 BLÅHAJ Shark Soft Toy

BLÅHAJ Shark Soft Toy
BLÅHAJ Shark Soft Toy $29.90

Wow, surprise surprise! The NUMBER ONE most raved item from Ikea is actually this lovely Shark soft toy! This item is big and safe for kids. It is soft and huggable, suitable for sleeping or cuddling!

Child hugging BLÅHAJ Shark Soft Toy
Photo Credit: Ikea

This soft toy is recommended for ages 18 months. Oh, they also launched a smaller version of this shark too!

For more useful and functional items, do check out Ikea Singapore Official website!

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