How to Improve Your Home Security

You’ve been thinking of how to improve your home security, but can’t afford a full-blown home monitoring alarm system just yet. That’s alright, because these easy home security steps can help get you started.

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Change Your Locks

If you’ve just moved into your new Singapore home, then your first priority should be to change all the locks. For starters, you will never know exactly who has had access to the house before you moved in, so replacing everything is the easiest way to stay on the safe side. This rule also applies if you’ve recently lost the keys to your house.

door lock and keys


Deadbolts Are The Way To Go

The exterior door of your Singapore HDB or private condo should be fixed with a thick, double-cylinder deadbolt lock. While this type of lock can be more expensive, it is much stronger and can provide your Singapore home with more protection. When installing it, make sure to leave the least amount of space between the door and the frame, as a large space can give intruders leverage to break the door apart. Also, reinforce your door with plywood or sheet metal.

double cylinder deadbolt lock


Reinforce Your Sliding Doors and Windows

The windows are often the most-used entry points in break-ins. Protect your Singapore HDB with window locks and burglar-resistant glass, and opt for smaller panes of glass instead of one big panel. Additionally, invest in a small bar or a retractable curtain rod from Daiso. Place this along the bottom track of the door or window, as it will help add an extra layer of resistance for the burglar that tries to force the door or window open.

smaller panes of glass


Don’t Be Unhinged

Door hinges that are placed on the exteriors of your Singapore HDB can make it easier for an intruder to remove the hinge pin and enter your home. To increase your Singapore home security, reset the door hinges so that they lie on the interiors of your home. This makes it harder for unwanted intruders to gain entry into your home.

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Automate Your Home

DIY home automation is fast growing in popularity. Additionally, it’s affordable and doesn’t take plenty of effort to install. Start by putting some smart light bulbs in your living room, bedroom and kitchen. Then put these on a random schedule so that it always seems like there is activity in your Singapore HDB. You can also consider motion-sensor lights for the exteriors outside your home’s main entrance. When the lights are suddenly activated, it can help scare the burglar off. Additionally, auto-locks on your main door means that your Singapore home is always protected, and you won’t have to worry if you’ve left a door unlocked in a hurry to leave the house.

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