Worried about having a bland-looking home? Try playing with different textures in your design scheme to add an extra dimension to your room. From smaller items like throw pillows to larger pieces of furniture, there are a lot of creative ways to incorporate texture into your home! Here are some ways you can play with texture to make your home more cosy and stylish…


velvet dark green sofa

Visually stunning, velvet furniture gives the room an air of luxury. Try colours like dark green, royal blue, burgundy or burnt orange for a classy pop of colour. Have an old, tattered chair? Give it a brand new life by upholstering it with velvet! The smooth texture of this material is amazingly stylish and to-die-for.


rough textured rug

A textured rug acts as a fantastic contrast to any space with smooth surfaces. The rougher texture spices up the room and makes the space look more intimate and inviting, elevating the overall experience of the design.


woven textured cushion
white faux fur pillows

Texture appeals to our visual and tactile senses, making the room interesting. A simple way to incorporate texture without breaking the bank is to choose throw pillows of different textures around the home. Woven pillows have a rougher texture that makes the space look more natural and warm while faux fur pillows would make the space look more elegant.


picture frames on wall

Picture frames, especially a combination of different sized frames, adds dimension to an otherwise plain wall. This works especially well if when contrasted to sleek decor or furniture (such as a glass table). If you want to add dimension whilst maintaining a minimalistic theme, stick to monochrome art pieces.