Incorporating wallpaper in your home

When we visit showrooms, its walls are usually wallpapered with textured wallpaper that cannot be achieved through painting. However, many of you still do not prefer having wallpapers in your home. Why? Most say that the humid weather in Singapore will ruin the wallpaper in a few years, and peeling wallpaper is a ghastly sight. Oh, and having mould marking its territory on the paper – no way!

But wait, it does not have to be that way!

You still can have gorgeous wallpaper in your home without worrying that it will peel or mould if it is installed correctly.

Before we get into the types of wallpapers that are suitable to adorn your home, let’s look at the criteria that make a wall suited for such an installation. Having a good foundation ensures your wallpaper lasts long.

  1. Inspection – a wallpaper specialist will have to check the moisture level of the wall you wish to install the wallpaper. If the level of moisture is high, they will advise you against the installation.
  2. Preparation – if that wall passes inspection, you’ll need to put on a coat of water-based sealant onto the wall a few days before the installation. Just like how women use primer on their face before putting on makeup, walls need that too!
  3. Installation –  be sure to get a skilled installer to put up your wallpaper. Ask about the adhesive the installer is using so that it does not peel easily. An eco-friendly adhesive will not give off a pungent odour. The adhesives are usually made from cellulose ether or starch, suited for light or heavy paper-based wallpaper. For textured wallpaper, ask a specialist about synthetic resin.

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper

Wallpaper your home - Vinyl wallpaper
Image from Ideal Home UK
Wallpaper your home - Vinyl wallpaper 2

Resistant to moisture and grease, the base is made from paper with a coat of acrylic vinyl or PVC on top. It is easy to clean with gentle soap. It is perfect for the kitchen and even bathrooms. However, do not expose it to water directly. If water gets on it, just wipe it down with a dry cloth and there will be no damage for a long time – some even say it can last more than 10 years!

Solid Vinyl Wallpaper

wallpaper you home - Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper
Image from Elle Decor
wallpaper you home - Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

This wallpaper is tough! Unlike the coated variety, this uses a solid vinyl that can withstand water and scrubbing. Heavy-traffic rooms and the nursery are probably some places where we recommend solid vinyl as you can do a little scrub-a-dub-dub if your young ones decide to draw fairies and monsters on it. If you are looking to change the wallpaper, it peels off fairly easy too.

Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

Image from Etsy
wallpaper you home - Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper 2

Instead of using paper, the wallpaper is backed by woven fabric and covered with a layer of vinyl. It is moisture-resistant, durable, washable, scrub-friendly and when you want to take it off, it can be stripped off in strips. It usually comes in three types of durability, light, medium and high. For homes, we suggest you go for medium to high durability.

There are many other types of wallpaper that range from printed (not water-resistant as it uses water-based ink), liner (delicate but easy to apply and remove), flock (3D but cannot be washed), mylar (printed paper base with polyester top layer) and foil (shiny and perfect for faultless walls) wallpapers. Though they are all gorgeous with different textures and designs, they are not suited for locations that have high humidity. However, if you want it to adorn your wall for less than five years, it could be an affordable option.

Homeowners sometimes choose to have wallpaper over paint because it is less messy. It is also more durable to chipping. If you’d like an intricate design on the wall, it is much easier to paste it on the wall than to paint on it – which will be a pain!

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