Industrial Chic Abode

October 30th 2019

A combination of industrial chic and post-modern design, this home stuns and entices guests with its friendly vibe and stylish design. The room is the focal point of this home. With the exposed brick back wall, the room has a casual tone to it. The added texture of the tiles gives the room depth and character. The boldness of the exposed brick lends the room a sturdy look as the choice of darker colours of rich browns elevates the class of the room as it puts modern charm on an industrial underlay.

In2Space luxurious living room

The coffee coloured leather sofa exudes luxury as it serves as the centrepiece of this room. The extensive couch stretches across the back wall and along the sides too, giving you a total of 6 generously spacious seats to sit and lounge about. For many people the living room is a point of congregation for friends and family and guests, so making it all the more inviting and comfortable will create a natural draw towards it, and keeps the atmosphere comfortable and light. To complement this, light pastel colours have been chosen to keep the room in focus, although slightly muted. This makes sure the background is truly the background and the focus can be on the rest of the furniture and ornaments.

The backwall of photos are brightly lit up with track lighting. The almost ‘spotlight’ like lighting beings to attention those precious moments you can’t help but to show off to guests.

The dining area has been purposefully set in the corner of the living room to create a small and intimate dining experience. With warm yellow lighting, the mood is instantaneously warm, even slightly romantic, perfect for family get togethers and important meals together.

In2Space spacious living area

Another look at the main living area reveals just how spacious the room is. With such a huge area, why cramp up the room with excessive amounts of furniture. By leaving the space as it is, the home ‘expands’ and grows. The bar area by the side ensures this space is not wasted and does not impede in the line of sight from the sofa to the television. This asymmetry keeps the room visually interesting and casual.

In2Space classical elegant kitchen

The kitchen takes a classical elegant scheme and delivers well. With a mix of dark latte wood, glossy black quartz tops and gleaming white cupboards, these three colours fade into each other harmoniously to create a sparkling kitchen.

In2Space earthy bathroom

With a mirror stretching across the width of the room, the bathroom gleams and sparkles with the additional lighting all around. Adding some artificial plants helps to liven the mood as the earthy look is enhanced with the wood-like finish on the sink.

In2Space bedroom with cream cupboards

The bedroom is another well crafted room in the home. Switching from glossy tiles to a darker vinyl wood design, the floor pairs up with the mocha storage bed for a perfect blend of the natural and artificial. The storage bed gives lots of extra room in the house to keep your belongings out of sight. Being under the bed like a seal, you won’t have to worry about dust and dirt reaching those things either. The cream coloured cupboards brighten up the room, as to the metallic silver curtains. The mix of dark and lights here let the room appear more vibrant and exciting.

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