Space: Simei Rd
Renovation Cost: S$65,000
Year of Completion: 2017
Renovation Period: 8 weeks
Style: Industrial
Project By: Unity ID

With a stunning exposed brick wall and a soft leather sofa, this charming industrial apartment exudes an air of coziness. From its homey living room to the alluring kitchen, this rustic space is perfect for minimalists who desire a splash of colour in their everyday lives.

The living room is spacious, with cement flooring and a beautiful cherry brick accent wall. Modern metallic ceiling lights hang from above, providing a warm glow throughout the apartment.

The pristine white dining table and storage space complement the white and grey walls, drawing in more light and accentuating the brightly-coloured, eccentric television console that makes this industrial space even more vibrant.

A vintage world map hangs above the comfy mocha sofa, awakening one’s sense of adventure and inspiring wanderlust.

A cheeky, pink neon wall light gives the kitchen a soft glow, illuminating the cement countertop and its complementary pink and white retro bar stools, creating a cheerful, relaxing, and romantic atmosphere.

The chocolate-coloured kitchen cabinets provide ample storage space for the aspiring chef and the glossy, black tiled wall and the matching black wooden countertops impart a sense of sophistication.

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