Industrial Splendor for this 5-room BTO flat

Stepping into this five-room BTO flat, the first thing that catches your eye would be its unique flooring. The homeowners made the choice of veering away from the conventional floor tiling. Instead, they opted to paint the concrete floor, giving it a glossy and polished industrial-chic look. While industrial-style interiors are often the design of choice for homeowners who fancy minimalist vibes, this home shakes things up with a delightful mix of design aesthetics for a refreshing abode.

polished industrial-chic living room

In the dining area, a no-frills set of tables and chairs exude laid-back cafe-worthy vibes that add the element of sheer comfort to space. Two large ceiling lights hang directly above the table, with warm-toned lighting that imbues a sense of calmness while dining or even working or studying. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or cheery brunch, this tablescape is great for bonding and camaraderie.

no-frills set of tables and chairs

Leading into the kitchen are see-through doors and windows that refresh the dining area with a sense of openness, while letting in natural light in the day.  

see-through doors and windows

Sporting a sophisticated white-and-rich-brown colour palette, the kitchen is kept uncluttered, thanks to a well-designed set of built-in cabinets that span across an entire wall.

 white-and-rich-brown colour kitchen

The dark engineered wood complements the master bedroom’s flooring perfectly, creating a relaxing ambience for the homeowners after a long day. Small spotlights have been strategically implemented, spreading light around the room evenly without being overwhelming. A queen-sized bed sits comfortably on a raised platform, adding significant depth and lines to the room. A hollow in wall stands behind the bed, giving the homeowners a platform to showcase and highlight their prized possessions, such as their beautiful wedding photo, and many more snapshots of fond memories to come.

master bedroom

  The wall between the master bedroom and common room has been torn down, giving the master bedroom a generously spacious floor area. This also presents homeowners with the enviable luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, complete with an island dressing table with an abundance of storage space – a rare occurrence in today’s small living spaces! Blinds on one side of the wall provide privacy as well as the option to block the sun’s glare when desired and hanging ceiling lights complete the look.

island dressing table
walk-in wardrobe

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