Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring To Consider

inexpensive kitchen flooring
Black and white kitchen
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When you are renovating your kitchen, one of the most important aspect of redoing this most utilised space is the flooring. The type of material you use for your kitchen has a big impact of how the space looks.

However, one of the biggest considerations in deciding the type of flooring to be used for the kitchen is cost and durability of the material. Here are three options of kitchen floor materials for your consideration that won’t kill your budget.


Laminated flooring kitchen
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If you have wondered like me, if laminate flooring suitable for kitchens – the answer is yes. The truth is, laminate flooring is a suitable material for replacing existing flooring, whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or doing a renovation for your new HDB home.

Laminated surface kitchen
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Laminate flooring has been a go-to option for many years and many people turn to it for its affordable price. Even though wood floors and tiles have been popular choices for many years but their costs make it prohibitive as flooring materials for consideration if you have a budget to keep to.

Laminate actually mimics the look of wood and tile at the fraction of the cost and anyone who enters a kitchen with laminate flooring would be unable to tell they are actually laminate. With laminate flooring, you can get a high-end look with a budget friendly price tag.

Laminated floor kitchen
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What’s more, laminate flooring is easy to maintain. Sweeping particles of food from a laminate floor on a regular basis and mopping it over periodically is all you need to eliminate stains and retain a polished look. Other types of flooring, even the high-end ones require regular polish to stay looking new.


Cork flooring

Cork is water-resistant and is used as a budget-friendly and low-maintenance kitchen flooring option. But there are downsides to this material for the kitchen.

As it insulates heat and keeps the floor warm, it is not a choice for homes in the tropics. Cork is relatively easy to care for, requiring only regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove small grit and dirt particles. Spills can also be wiped up immediately to prevent staining. However, the material gets discolored in direct sunlight and is also susceptible to several forms of damage.


Vinyl flooring dining area
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With vast improvements in vinyl flooring technology, vinyl flooring is now one of the top choices as a budget-friendly material for kitchen flooring in Singapore. There are many advantages to vinyl flooring.

It is waterproof and very durability, especially in places where spilling and staining have high chances of happening such as the kitchen. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and is resistant to impact, abrasion, water damage and also copes well with high foot traffic. It is also slip resistant and provides extra foot grip. The durability of vinyl ensures it can last for many decades, saving homeowners the hassle of needing to replace or to repair them.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiled bathroom
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Ceramic tile is the most expensive option as a flooring option for your kitchen. Ceramic tiles are a popular kitchen flooring option due to the benefits of its design and functionality.

Ceramic tiles do not spread germs as its surface is impenetrable, especially beneficial for homes with pets and small children. Also, a simple mop to clean the floor of any dirt, stains, food debris and germs resting on the surface of the kitchen tile. It is also crack resistant and impervious to moisture, with its glazed surface providing an added layer of protection against drops and stains.

However, you need to check if the ceramic is unglazed or glazed. A glazed ceramic does not require additional sealing whereas an unglazed ceramic, which is a naturally porous material requires proper sealing to ensure durability.


Linoleum flooring dining room

There has been renewed interest in linoleum as a kitchen flooring material thanks to the face that linoleum being a natural material without the environmental drawbacks of synthetic vinyl flooring.

Linoleum is an eco-friendly material made mostly from linseed, wood flour, cork powder and sometimes limestone for added strength. Most components are recyclable and do not pollute landfills. It also does not contain harmful compounds making it suitable for those with allergies. The presence of cork dust in linoleum makes it a resilient surface. It Is also very durable – don’t be surprised if it lasts 40 years.

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