Ingenious ways in which you can place your washing machine at home

May 19th 2022

Ingenious ways in which you can place your washing machine at home 

The look and feel of any room are mostly determined by how you arrange your furniture, accessorize the space, and select a color palette. Now that you have decided to reproduce the calm spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, you are greeted by the sight of your washing machine, which abruptly brings you back to reality. Washing machines are certainly helpful tools, but they also take up a lot of space, which is a luxury that not everyone can afford, especially if they live in a small apartment with numerous residents. 

They are necessary, but they are not particularly attractive. Who would have guessed that something as helpful as a washing machine could also be an eyesore? If not placed correctly, it can drastically damage the appearance of your bathroom. You will have to use all of your wits to come up with a solution for the machine that will allow it to reside happily in your gorgeous setting. In a tiny living space, it is difficult not just to put these large items effectively, but also to do so in an attractive manner. So, is there a way out? For starters, keep reading as we show you some practical (and some less-than-conventional) areas where you can put your washing machine at home!

Sliding doors

Installing a sliding door or a decorative panel is the easiest approach to hiding the washing machine if you want it out of sight. Install your washing machine on the same side of the wall as the existing piping. It's possible that something is hidden in the back of your restroom. The waste pipes and the water supply are both conveniently accessible with a plumbing line nearby. It also means that by simply adding sliding doors, you can quickly create privacy. The decorative screens or panels might serve as excellent diversions, and they will be adaptable because you will be installing sliding doors. 

A closed door creates the illusion of a private area. The space will be open with a sliding door. Select a decorative panel that complements the rest of the design. If you want something more artistic, you can have a pair of lattice doors built to fit the vanity and the machine. You can use the bottom of the sink as a vanity as well as storage space for the machine. Wooden decorations and a woven rug can be used to maintain the ambiance.

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Built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinets are a tried and true method of keeping things organized. You can easily put a tiny washer into built-in cabinetry if you have one. Of course, bathroom cabinets make a lot more sense. You may also put the remainder of the cleaning materials alongside the washing machine. Close the doors if you wish to keep the cabinet isolated and create a peaceful environment. You practically shut out the rest of the world to make room for your soul. Do you want to keep things simple? You can make a large closet and keep all of the bathroom items there. Getting rid of all the floating shelves, racks, curving hooks, and looming cabinets is the best and easiest approach. However, before allocating the room to the machine, make sure it is 3 inches deep enough to accept full-sized units.

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Covering the washing machine up with curtains

Every problem has a simple answer, and the easiest method to store washing machines is to hang curtains and hide everything. The fabric is the only thing you need to worry about. It should be in keeping with the rest of the decor. So, if your tiles have flowery designs, the curtain should follow that line. You may always use the most inconspicuous location, such as the bottom of the sink, for the techs. They are typically large and can readily accommodate the machinery. The best part is that you can quickly construct a perfect enclosure by hanging a curtain.

Image credit: Decoist

Build a custom shelf

Another wonderful approach to hiding the washing machine is to build a custom shelf and position it beneath it. Two or three layers can be used on the shelves. The machine's assigned space is usually large enough to accommodate technicians of all sizes and shapes. Above the machine, a foldout hamper can be used to store semi-dried clothing once they have been removed from the washer. This unit's top shelf is allocated to detergents and other cleaning supplies. Smaller bathrooms will benefit from the customized shelf. If you want to add doors to your custom shelf, you can match the color of your washer. It will not appear out of sync in this manner; rather, it will appear as one continuous unit. If you're short on room, you may also add some floating shelves to this cabinet to accommodate extra stuff.

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Extending the vertical space

Although this may appear unbelievable and even impossible, it is doable in a small bathroom when space is at a premium. You might as well upgrade the technology if there is a bespoke shelf. The shelf must be able to withstand the force. However, this is a creative idea that is also rather practical because it eliminates the need to bend to pick up the clothes. You can also stack a washer and dryer on top of each other if you have both. Some washing machines are cleverly built to flush the toilet. Of course, keeping your washing machine on top of your pot and flushing with wastewater is one of the hi-tech options. To do so, you should contact your plumber and discuss your options.

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Use a smaller space-saving machine within your bathroom

Technology has advanced greatly, and now is the time to make use of some of its benefits. If you have a small family, a space-saving machine may be the best option. A compact machine is not only convenient, but it can also fit into every toilet nook and cranny. If there are any crossings that you wish to conceal for aesthetic reasons, you may do it easily by building two small doors and placing the machine inside. Consider how inventively functional it will be.

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In the service yard

Placing your washing machine in the service yard is the safest alternative, not because it is the most common, but because it allows you to make better use of space. What are you going to do with a service yard if not that? In addition, there are a few different ways to arrange your washer-dryer combo: Apart from stacking both units, they can also be placed side by side or facing each other. Some of these washer-dryer arrangements may work better in your home than others, depending on factors like the configuration of adjacent storage built-ins and personal choice. For example, if you want to maximize the view from your kitchen, having both your washing machines on the ground may be preferable because they won't hinder the flow of natural light and air coming in from the outside.

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The first thing you need when thinking about any location is creativity. You can build anything you can conceive. You need some inventiveness for such dull realities as washing machines, which we can't do away with. Consider how you can make the most of the area you have to accommodate techs. The possibilities are endless; all you have to do is take the leap.


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