Inspiration For Your 2-Bedroom Condominium

By Editor Rachel , Dec 21, 2020
Inspiration For Your 2-Bedroom Condominium

Neutrals like grey’s can do a lot to bring calm and serenity in a home as opposed to the calamity of the world outside. At Renodots, we are going against the grain. We’d like to introduce three 2-bedroom condominiums that are decked in stylish but timeless grey, a colour palette you might want to introduce to your home too!

2-Bedroom Condominium inspiration - Neo-Colonial Grey

Neo-colonial Grey living room

The whole idea of neo-colonial designs is to mix “new England” designs with modern conveniences. Though the concept of this home designed by Mr Shopper Studio for a unit at Martin Place Residences.

These interiors usually bear light shades, but in this very modern concept, we see a blend of neutrals, deep greys and suddenly, sunshine yellow - a gorgeous contrast.

Neo-colonial Grey living room 2

A lot of the neo-colonialism designs rely on symmetry and the feeling of grandeur.

Adjacent to the television console are cupboards made to look like Georgian wall panels. For a touch of class, the feature wall is backed by mirrored shelves, reflecting light and making the room look more spacious.

Neo-colonial Grey kitchen

The kitchen and bar take on a modern minimalist theme. We love how the bar extends all the way to the kitchen backsplash. It creates the illusion of a long open kitchen. Just in one space, there are three locations to entertain guests.

Neo-colonial Grey bedroom

The two rooms have been converted to a one-room with an extension to the study. When it is hidden, we are sure that the owners using this room will get more work done. For good focus, grey is a good choice. Since it has a calming effect, it creates a peaceful space for work to get done.

Neo-colonial Grey bedroom 2

Neutrals are always encouraged when choosing the colour theme for the bedroom. Wooden flooring, light grey ridges on the walls and mustard finishing touches make the room attractive but not cluttered.

However, the star of the show has got to be the glass door wardrobe. This way, you know what you have in the closet when you switch on the lights inside. Unlike clear glass, these tinted ones reflect when the lights are off, working like a one-way mirror.

2-Bedroom Condominium inspiration - Minimalist Futuristic

Minimalist Futuristic - living room

People talk about minimalism quite often, but have you ever thought of embracing it fully and making it a resonating theme in your home?

We loved how Image Creative Design designed this two-bedroom condo at The Greenwich. It has industrial elements that keep the space beautifully raw.

Minimalist Futuristic - living room 2

From the large cement tiles that line the walls to futuristic LED line (and spiral) lights, this space is a vibe. To keep to the theme, it must remain uncluttered. Therefore, the walls are enveloped by closet space, so everything has its appointed place for safekeeping

Minimalist Futuristic - bedroom

The master bedroom has a chamber that leads to the bathroom. It has been altered to be a walk-in wardrobe. When the sliding doors are closed, the doors also work as a one-way mirror. When there is light coming from within, you can see through the glass.

Minimalist Futuristic - bedroom 2

When the tapestry of a home the same shades of a hue, lighting and texture is crucial. Here, we see a gorgeous bedside pendant light that looks like a metallic orb - a perfect fit for an untypical minimalist home like this one.

2-Bedroom Condominium inspiration - Black Beauty

Black Beauty - living room

Backtrack to a decade or two ago, do you remember homes that we furnished with black interior? Maybe not. But today, it is a perfect blend to a neutral palette as you can see in this condo unit at Sturdee Residences. Designed by Metier Planner, this home evokes mystery and elegance - and in terms of design, we’ll see how mysterious this unit gets.

Black Beauty - living room 2

Do a compare and contrast between the first picture and this. One door opens up to the second bedroom and the other slides open to reveal the guest washroom and laundry area.

Also, note how the matte stone wallpapers (that do not cost a bomb) elevate the atmosphere of the room. It blends perfectly with the honey-toned wood and beige flooring.

Black Beauty - living room 3

From the entrance of the home, you can see how light bounces off from the marble tiles and the glass doors and wall panels. It is a simple concept mixing mattes and reflectors that bring balance to the space.

Black Beauty - bedroom

In the master bedroom, the designs are still kept to a minimum, albeit the colour tones are a little lighter than the living area.

Remember the sliding door in the second image? It opens up to a T-shaped washroom and laundry area. It is spacious and bright with clean lines and ample storage area.

One thing to note when designing your 2-bedroom condominium is that you don’t have to follow a particular colour theme throughout your home. There can be variations in another room. To keep the design cohesive, introduce elements from the main theme into the particular room in terms of colour and style.

If you are looking to elevate your space to one that has a minimal and stylish like the three interior designs above, check out who and what we have in store at Renodots. Get your customised quote here.

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