Instagram accounts to follow for home renovation and design tips

November 14th 2022

Instagram accounts to follow for home renovation and design tips 

Most homeowners will have to draw their inspiration from somewhere, and with the new age of technology and social media, I’m sure we often turn to the Internet for good ideas or concepts. This is especially applicable to homeowners who are embarking on huge projects that involve a high budget so it is important that we make the most cost savvy and appropriate choices. 

As a huge social media user, there are Instagram accounts dedicated to a wide range of interests and hobbies. There is definitely no shortage of Instagram accounts dedicated to providing home renovation tips. We’ve shortlisted some accounts you can look through to help you throughout your home ownership journey.

1. @golden_design_egypt       


This account gives short and sweet simulation-like videos on how the renovation process can go. They provide a lot of design ideas for a variety of rooms, from small bedrooms to gaming rooms to sibling rooms. 


The videos are similar to walkthrough videos and are a quick way for you to gain inspiration of potential ways you can change the layout of your home.

2. @Arrrowsandbow        


ArrowandBow is run by a designer and inn keeper so you can rest assured that her tips and tried, tested and approved. While the account is based in America, so the home layouts are different from those in Singapore, you can still draw inspiration from her colour palette and design tips. 


Her account functions like a diary as you can see her designs throughout the years and observe the evolution of trends and styles. The main advantage is that you can pick and choose the designs you like as well as learn what worked / didn’t work for her home.

3. @Mareenah   


Coming a little closer to home Mareenah is the creator of maqayla, a modern / contemporary fashion label. Her creativity for clothes also translates into a simple and minimalistic aesthetic for her home. 


This account keeps it real and intimate as you are gaining a glimpse into her lifestyle and the simple everyday pleasures. Her account is a great inspiration if you enjoy the minimalistic and muted aesthetic, with lots of pastel flowers and plants.

4. @FoongFamilyFlat     


The account name might seem very simple and unassuming but the Foong apartment is very elegantly decorated. The family leads you through their home renovation journey and gives updates on how they care for their home as well as the things they have learnt about the renovation process, which will come in very useful for new homeowners.


5. @HomeTruLee      


The account name is pretty much a giveaway that this is a local-based Instagram account. With close to 10k followers, the Lee family’s 3-room BTO is absolutely stunning despite the space constraints. 


The family also drops links and tags of the places they get their furniture and appliances from. If you wish to maximise your space, this account is definitely one you should be following.

6. @OurSlowHouse

This Instagram account is catered to quite a niche home interior style as they focus on the bohemian aesthetic that may not appeal to everybody. Nonetheless, they have amassed a following of over 10k people so you definitely should take a look to see what the hype is about.


The account owners emphasise on the importance of taking your time when it comes to home renovations so if this style is one that interests you, you should definitely give them a look.

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