Interior Design Concepts For A Forever Home

Be it your first BTO or an upgrade from your 4-room HDB, I’m sure everyone’s excited whenever we purchase a new house. For all the dreamers out there who have been planning your renovation ever since you can remember, kudos to you! On the other hand, if you’re here, I’ll assume you have reached a creative block, and we’re here to help!

There is no point rushing headfirst into the first idea that comes into your mind then regretting it a little way down the road. Research is always important, so is consulting a professional. We’ll get the former covered for you right here, and a tiny bit of the latter.

1. Modern Contemporary

Pastel Modern Contemporary (264F Compassvale Bow)

Source: Carpenters

Modern Contemporary (21 Trevista)

Source: Carpenters

Modern Contemporary with Wood Accents (Central Grove)

Source: Carpenters

Modern Contemporary (Bellewaters)

Source: Rezt & relax

2. Scandinavian

Scandinavian (Lake Vista)

Source: Carpenters

Scandinavian (86 Parc Centros)

Source: Carpenters

3. Industrial

Industrial (8C Kallang Trivista)

Source: Aart Boxx Interior

Industrial (202 Loyang Avenue)

Source: Carpenters

Our suggested 3 concepts (Modern Contemporary, Scandinavian, and Industrial) checks out a few key considerations – modern and trendy to keep your house looking fresh and cosy, as well as minimalist with a few accent items to make the best use of the space yet making sure it stands out.

Pastel colours are the hottest right now, with the rise of social media ‘aesthetics’ especially the shade ‘millennial pink’. Grayscale will never go out of trend, basic, simple, yet exuberating class and sophistication. Find your inspiration from our picks and rock your home!