Interior design concepts to look out for in 2023: Moody and dramatic

December 21st 2022

Interior design concepts to look out for in 2023: Moody and dramatic

It seems that many interior designers expect moody and dramatic home interior designs to continue to be popular in 2023. As you might expect, this involves dark colour palettes, antique-looking décor and a medieval-like aesthetic. However, you can also have modern takes on this design that blend past and present seamlessly.

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing to take note of is the foundation, or canvas, of your room. Of course, you should choose an intense and darker hue if you want to focus on creating a moody and dramatic theme. 

Black is the easiest colour to create such an effect but you’re definitely not limited to just black. Intense colours like green, blue, and purple can create a similar moody atmosphere.

This is a crucial consideration because the colour of your walls influence the colour palette of the rest of your home, as well as the décor that you can get in order to complement it.

More research is needed to understand the pros and cons of the different colours. A good choice would be a versatile colour that doesn’t run out of trend quickly.

Next, the decorations and patterns of the room can elevate the dramatic theme. Most moody spaces adopt a more old-fashioned look, almost as if you were stuck in an abandoned castle. 

You can recreate this look with more antiquated décor, such as candelabras, industrial-looking décor or dried plants. If you don’t want to go overboard with this concept, you could always have subtle decorations in a small corner of your room instead.

Additionally, be sure to play around with interesting patterns, trinkets and materials. This Halloween-inspired home makes use of all these elements to create a visually stimulating look that is one-of-a-kind.

You could also make use of elaborate and intricately designed light fixtures that draws one’s eyeline to the top of the room and hence, creates the illusion of a heightened ceiling.

You could also take a completely minimalistic take on this moody concept by adopting this Hitchcock-inspired look. The room should have a single focus that seems rather eerie and confusing. 

This idea is suitable for spaces like the bedroom where not much furniture is actually necessary. While it seems quite abstract, it is actually a decent way of keeping your space clear and free of clutter.

A more contemporary take on this interior design concept would be the one above. We do still see elements of a dark and dramatic colour palette but this is infused with more modern elements that make the home look less overwhelming.

An industrial home is perfect if you want to balance modern with medieval. 

No matter how you choose to execute your moody and dramatic concept, just ensure that there is continuity throughout your home so there isn’t an abrupt and stark change when walking through different rooms.

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