Interior Design Guide: 5-room Flat Design Ideas 

August 29th 2023

Are you ready to transform your 5-room flat into a sanctuary of style and comfort? Look no further, because we've gathered the finest design ideas from three top-notch interior design companies just for you. Whether you're craving a minimalist haven or clever storage solutions, these experts have got you covered. Get ready to embark on a journey that will elevate your living space to new heights of beauty and functionality. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and discover the possibilities that await within your very own four walls!


Contemporary Minimalist Home by Seds Interior

Now, let's delve into the stunning home designed by Seds Interior. Located at Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5, this home exudes a modern and sleek vibe with its darker-toned colour palette and minimalist aesthetic. But that's not all! This exceptional residence has a hidden gem that sets it apart from the rest – a personal home gym. Perfect to sweat it out and stay in shape without ever leaving the comfort of your own abode. So, get ready to be inspired by the seamless blend of form, function, and aesthetics in this home designed by Seds Interior. 


Living Room 

Stepping into this home, you’re immediately greeted by this stunning living room that exudes luxury and sophistication. At its heart lies a magnificent L-shaped leather sofa, adorned with homely plush cushions that beckon you to sink in and unwind. Complementing the rich tones of this sofa are the deep-chocolate wooden floor tiles and a striking navy-blue TV feature wall. The TV feature wall boasts modern and slim wooden cabinets, offering a harmonious blend of practicality and style. Additionally, track sockets mounted on the walls provide the perfect solution for keeping cables tidy and organized, while seamlessly integrating with the contemporary aesthetic. 


Enhancing the ambience are the black ceiling spotlights that cast a soft glow – all strategically positioned to ensure optimal lighting throughout the day or night. Meanwhile, the stylish wooden window blinds that frame the massive windows allow natural light to stream in too. Completing the living room space is the chic dark brown fan that adds both functionality and a touch of sophistication, effortlessly circulating the air while becoming a statement piece in its own right. 



Gaming Area 

Meanwhile, a gaming paradise is tucked right behind the luxurious leather sofa. This hidden gem reveals a fully equipped black desk, boasting the latest technology for an exceptional at-home PC experience. From sleek and stylish high-quality headphones to reliable WiFi routers and even indulgent comfort seating, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure you won't want to leave this haven of virtual adventures. 

In fact, did you know that Seds Interior brilliantly hacked down a wall to create this open-concept gaming area? This ingenious design choice not only enhances the overall spaciousness of the living room but also ensures excellent ventilation and ample natural light, even with the darker-toned palette. Privacy is not compromised either, as the gaming area is strategically positioned to face the windows, providing a sense of seclusion when desired. And enhancing the airiness of the space is the stylish ceiling fan that provides a welcome respite from Singapore’s sweltering heat. Best of all? This gaming area can also be easily converted into home office space because of the open-concept design. 


Personal Home Gym

Slightly further up, we have the personal home gym – the pièce de resistance of this stunning home. Despite its modest size, it boasts an impressive array of exercise tools (such as dumbbells and cardio benches) that even the most committed fitness enthusiasts would approve of. Not to mention, the room is also thoughtfully equipped with rubber flooring, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of injuries during physical activity. Best of all? The addition of wall-mounted mirrors not only allows you to check your form and technique but also creates an illusion of spaciousness, making the gym area feel larger than life itself. 

Remaining consistent with the style standards set throughout the rest of the house, navy blue walls provide visual cohesion indoors, adding a touch of sophistication to the gym environment. To further enhance the space, sliding glass doors allow natural light to flood inside, creating an energizing atmosphere that inspires and motivates. Completing this stylish vision are the black accents, seamlessly integrated as furnishing elements, adding a sleek and contemporary touch to the overall aesthetic. 

Dining Area

Moving onto the dining area, the ambience takes a delightful shift towards a brighter colour palette, infusing the space with a fresh and inviting atmosphere. This transition not only adds vibrancy but also cleverly distinguishes the dining area from the rest of the room.


Here, a navy-blue-toned island table with a pristine white countertop takes centre stage, creating a striking contrast against the rich leather high seatings. The golden accented light fixture above the table radiates a warm glow, casting a captivating ambience over your dining experience. Meanwhile, the corner wooden ceiling fan adds a touch of rustic charm and helps to keep the space comfortable. Not to mention, the use of the same wooden ceiling fan adds cohesiveness to the entire home. 


To ensure that the space remains functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, bright white cabinets line one side of the dark navy-blue wall, providing ample storage space for your essentials. On the other hand, the plain white walls surrounding the dining area enhance the bright and spacious ambience. 


Gallery Kitchen 

Boasting navy-blue cabinets that contrast beautifully against the white-marbled floor tiles, this gallery-layout kitchen is designed to impress. The touchless cabinets and recessed lighting infuse a touch of modernity into the space, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal. Seamlessly integrated into the sleek cabinetry, the oven and induction stove blend seamlessly, further enhancing the streamlined look.


But this kitchen goes beyond mere aesthetics; it has been thoughtfully designed to optimize functionality. Seds Interior understands the importance of ample storage space in a kitchen, and the cabinets provide just that. From pantry essentials to cookware, everything can be neatly organized and easily accessible.

In fact, there’s even a hidden wine storage area tucked under the cabinet countertop. Not only does this take into account the homeowner’s preferences, but it also maximises all the kitchen. 


Adding a touch of innovation, a striking-black power track has been installed against the grey-marbled tile backsplash. This clever addition enhances the functionality of the space, allowing you to conveniently shift your plugs wherever you need them for your various kitchen appliances. Simply put, this power track ensures a clutter-free countertop and a seamless cooking experience. Furthermore, the angled entrance of the kitchen adds an element of visual interest. This deliberate choice not only adds visual interest but also creates a smooth flow as you move through the space.



The bedroom is often considered the most important room in the house, as it is where we spend a significant portion of our time resting and recharging. And when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom, Seds Interior has truly outdone themselves. With a focus on tranquility and minimalism, this bedroom serves as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


At the heart of this serene retreat, a luxurious grey bed sits atop an elevated wooden platform that exudes a sense of elegance. The surrounding stylish recessed lighting provides ambient illumination, casting a soft glow over the room. To enhance the relaxing ambience, massive windows are draped with both black-out and sheer curtains, allowing you to control the natural light that floods into the room. Completing the oasis-like feel of this bedroom is a ceiling fan, strategically placed to ensure a comfortable rest no matter how hot Singapore weather got. 


Walk-In Closet

This sleek and modern L-shaped walk-in closet is designed to impress. The alluring glass doors open up to a space of organized luxury, filled with hanging racks and storage boxes so you can easily find what you are looking for without any hassle. The standing mirror does not just serve as the perfect OOTD checking spot, but it also helps to balance out and open up the space. Meanwhile, the black ceiling spotlights beautifully highlight the carefully crafted details within this area - from the light-toned wooden floor tiles to the vanity table. In fact, the lighter-toned wooden tiles are used to distinguish this space from the bedroom, and at the same time, help make the area appear more spacious. 


At the end of this walk-in closet, an exquisite navy blue vanity table and a gold-accented stool await. Finished with rounded corners and intricate golden detailing on its circular pull-out drawer, it provides a cosy escape from everyday life while adding personality to any space. Its complementary golden-framed mirror reflects light, while the windows are finished off by wooden blinds that give the room further depth. 


Master Bathroom

Next, let's take a look at this master bathroom designed by Seds for some contemporary minimalist inspiration for your home renovation journey. A circular black-framed mirror atop the marble sink countertop creates a chic focal point while highlighting its sleekness in combination with light grey marbled tiles that adorn every wall. This also helps to create a seamless and open look across the space. To further enhance this stunning ambience are white recessed lights as well as an impressive rain shower cascading down from high ceilings - all of which combine to give off an aura of spacious serenity and relaxation.

In fact, Seds Interior has also customised the door to be of a clear back-glass material. Not only does this add privacy, but it certainly serves as a stunning design element.  


This bathroom stands out from the others with its stunningly dark theme. The black ribbed cabinets add character to the space while grey tiles provide an exquisite backdrop for golden accents on both the sink and cabinetry. A customized sleek black sink stands elegantly beneath a majestic golden-framed circular mirror adding glamour in spades! To complete its contemporary look, glass panels with striking jet-black edging divide wet from dry areas of the shower area - ensuring your bathing experience is nothing short of luxurious.


Light and Wood-Accented Home by She Interior

Up next, we have this beautifully designed home by She Interior! Nestled in the heart of 377b Hougang St 32, this exquisite abode showcases a harmonious blend of wooden accents and well-illuminated spaces. With its thoughtful design, this home not only captivates with its aesthetic beauty but also provides ingenious storage solutions that optimize functionality. So without further ado, let’s take a look at this stunning home.


Living Room

This living room is fitted with stunning grey-marbled floor tiles, setting the stage for an elegant and timeless space that exudes sophistication. But what truly sets this living room apart is the eye-catching TV feature wall. Here, the sleek TV is tastefully juxtaposed against a backdrop of beige herringbone-patterned backsplash, creating a visually stunning focal point. Extending to the right of the TV feature wall are wooden fluted panels, adding a touch of texture and sophistication. Meanwhile, the additional wooden cabinets provide ample storage space for your living room essentials. Recessed lighting illuminates this side of the room, highlighting the dark-blue backsplash that features a captivating painting and a foldable bicycle atop the wooden cabinet. Accentuating the modern aesthetic of the room are black-accented spotlights strategically positioned to cast a soft glow that complements the well-lighted-up living room. 


In a captivating juxtaposition, white cabinets of various sizes complete the right side of the living room. Not to mention, they also double as hidden storage spaces, providing plenty of functionality. 


Entrance Way

The seamless connection between the wooden fluted panels and the entranceway sets the stage for a remarkable first impression as you enter this home. In fact, they’re customised with elegant curves that add a touch of artistry and uniqueness. Within this design, a charming nook emerges, providing a delightful spot to showcase small succulents or conveniently place your keys for effortless access. The addition of recessed lights within this nook casts a gentle and inviting glow, further enhancing the overall ambience of the space.


Dining Area

The open-concept layout flawlessly connects the dining area, living room, and kitchen, fostering a sense of spaciousness in this stunning space. But the pièce de résistance has to be the unique silver-accented circular lighting fixture suspended above the marbled dining table. Surrounding the table are sleek grey leather chairs that offer both comfort and sophistication, inviting you to indulge in memorable dining experiences.

Enhancing the functionality of the dining area, the wooden cabinets hold a delightful surprise. With a simple pull, they reveal a hidden storage area, perfect for keeping your dining essentials neatly organized. Recessed lighting inside the cabinets illuminates the contents, adding a touch of intrigue to the space. Seamlessly integrated among the cabinets is an oven, ensuring that culinary creations are prepared with ease and efficiency.



Introducing a kitchen that transcends mere functionality, captivating your senses with its alluring design and effortless flow. This modern culinary haven beckons you with warm spotlights that gracefully illuminate a wide, marble-white island table, an exquisite and timeless centrepiece. With its clean, clutter-free aesthetic, this kitchen exudes an air of refinement and modernness. Every element and kitchen gadget has its own place stored behind quiet-closing drawers, leaving almost nothing atop the sleek counters. This allows for a seamless and efficient culinary experience. Those who enjoy cooking will be delighted to know that this space is built with only the best appliances, ranging from a coffee machine to a top-quality oven.


Entertainment Room 

Painted in a deep, mesmerizing shade of dark navy blue, this entertainment space exudes sophistication and privacy. The long gaming table stands proudly in the corner facing the window, adorned with fitted gaming lighting, beckoning you to embark on thrilling virtual adventures. This entertainment room is fitted with black-out blinds that descend when desired, enveloping the room in a cinematic mood, perfect for immersive movie nights. A cabinet display showcases a curated collection of board games, toys, and figurines, igniting nostalgia and wonder. The grey-marbled tiled floor seamlessly ties into the room's theme, while a wall-mounted road bicycle adds a touch of sporty elegance.


The centre of the entertainment room lies a cosy spot designed for intimate gatherings and shared experiences with a 2-seater sofa decked with plush toys. This is the perfect haven for couple game nights, movie marathons, karaoke sessions, and more. Adjacent to the sofa is a timeless piece of wooden cabinet, adorned with childhood figurines and vibrant neon light signs which creates an ambience that is both invigorating and inviting. Perched atop the cabinet sits a wide 65-inch TV that ties the entire room together.



The nature-themed bedroom presents an enchanting ambience with its light beige walls, evoking a sense of tranquillity and warmth. At its focal point stands a single-sized bed with an exquisite headboard, adorned with a captivating plant-printed pattern. The bedsheet and duvet designs, intricately woven with nature-inspired motifs, accentuate the room's organic charm. Adding functionality and style, a sophisticated grey cabinet situated beside the bed graciously extends additional storage, completing the room's refined aesthetic.


Adjacent to the bed, a full-height wardrobe in a deep shade of green captures attention with its regal presence and elegant gold handles. Offering ample space to neatly organize garments, it harmoniously blends with the room's natural essence.



The renovated bathroom exudes an air of spaciousness and elegance. The graphite backsplash adds a touch of sophistication, complementing the wooden tile walls that exude warmth and texture. A standing sink, perched above a sleek black cabinet with golden handles reminiscent of the bedroom's wardrobe, serves as a focal point. Reflecting the same opulent theme, a golden-accented circular mirror graces the wall, harmoniously contrasting with the bathroom's clean lines. Meanwhile, a separate shower area beckons with its built-in rain shower, providing a luxurious and invigorating bathing experience.



Master Bedroom 

The timeless master bedroom exudes an inviting aura with its warm lighting and harmonious colour scheme. Upon entering, a small corridor gracefully separates the room's entrance from the king-size bed, affording a sense of seclusion for the couple. The bed itself is adorned with a tasteful headboard and dressed in delicate pastel-coloured bedsheets and an assortment of throw pillows, adding a delightful burst of cosy hues.

Adjacent to the bed, a walk-in full-height wardrobe occupies a private corner, meticulously designed with a spotlight above, illuminating its expansive space and emphasizing its grandeur. A wall-mounted mirror is added to the space for practicality, but at the same time highlighting the room’s spaciousness and elegance.



This master bathroom epitomizes timeless elegance, reminiscent of a luxurious hotel retreat. The black tiles and marbled backsplash walls create a stunning contrast, seamlessly blending together to form a cohesive and visually striking space. A one-of-its-kind oval-shaped sink sits gracefully atop the same cabinet as the common bathroom, making it the star of the master bathroom. Mirrors adorn the walls above it, concealing built-in hidden storage, while a bidet and towel rack are thoughtfully positioned above. A separate shower area beckons with a rain shower, inviting moments of indulgence.


Bright and Cosy Haven by Exqsite Interior

Last but not least, let’s take a look at this stunningly designed home by the talented team at Exqsite Interior! Located at 689 Hougang Street 61, this exquisite condominium unit seamlessly blends natural light with comfort. It offers an exceptional example of how to maximize limited space by providing ingenious storage solutions while creating a harmonious ambience. So, without further ado, it’s time to take inspiration from this beautiful yet functional home. 


Living Room

Step into this inviting living room and be greeted by a warm and cosy atmosphere. The plush beige sofa, adorned with soft cushions and draped in comfy blankets, beckons you to sink into its welcoming embrace, offering solace after a long day. The expansive rug adds to the comfort, while the neutral colour scheme creates a serene and relaxed environment. Adorning the TV feature wall is a beautifully crafted wooden cabinet filled with cherished family portraits, adding a personal touch to the space. Complete with a ceiling fan and recessed lighting, this haven ensures both refreshing airflow and soothing illumination.


Dining Area 

Moving slightly to the left, you’ll find the dining area. The exquisite white dining table is nestled gracefully at one end of the living room, and it’s definitely taking centre stage in this space. It is paired with a combination of a bench and comfortable beige leather seats, providing ample seats for both dinner guests and those in the living room. Its gently curved edges create an inviting appeal, exuding a touch of character that captures the eye. Adding a captivating element, unique glass pendant lights gracefully illuminate the space, casting a soft glow that complements the surrounding decor. 



In fact, the dining table is positioned strategically near the windows in an open-concept layout manner. Not only does this allow the dining area to embrace more natural light, but the open concept complements the lighter tones of this home. Best of all, it makes the entire home appear spacious while maximising the limited home space. 




The bedroom is also designed with neutral colours that are easy on the eye – ranging from beige to pastel pink. To ensure a good night’s sleep, the bed is complete with a mattress topper and fluffy pillows that are scattered across the bed. Pastel pink accents add a touch of colour to the space, while the recessed lighting on the headboard makes reading in bed a comfortable experience. Beige and light brown bedside tables are added for extra functionality and storage space. The pastel-coloured rug adds texture to the space, while the beige cabinet at the side provides more storage space.


What makes this bedroom stand out, however, is the unique white panel that separates the bed and vanity table. Similarly, even if your bedroom is on the smaller side, you can also add a divider panel to create a separation between different parts of your bedroom while keeping things neat. 





On the other side of the bedroom is a wall-mounted TV – perfect for movie nights in bed! Completing the design are wooden floating shelves to display personal items and storage boxes. A massive arch-framed mirror is installed nearby for quick outfit checks and a grandiose feel.



Children's Bedroom 


Even if the home follows a neutral colour palette, it doesn’t mean that the children's bedroom has to follow suit too! Understanding that the children love bright colours and fun patterns, the team at Exqsite Interior added colourful hues to this bedroom. The wooden-framed bedding is a combination of pink and purple; while the floor is topped with a fun polka-dotted rug. Playing around with the small space, Exqsite Interior has smartly made use of a double-decker bed, with the lower deck filled with fun patterned storage boxes and a portable mattress. The low height and cushioned flooring provide ensures safety for the children too. Not to mention, plenty of storage spaces are added – ranging from the pink-and-white step stool to the white and black cabinets. In fact, they are also customized with a soft closing to keep them safe for the children. A miniature Christmas tree and various other colourful accessories are added to make the room fun and exciting. 



At the other end of the children's bedroom lies an ideal study area - two crisp white desks are complemented by cushy leather swirl chairs, perfect for long hours of studying. A jutting cabinet rests between them to subtly section off each desk while ensuring a spacious feel overall. Natural light cascades through the large window and brightens up every aspect of this vibrant space. Plenty of storage areas are also added to cater to the children's study needs and items. Finally, the soft white rug grounds it all together into an inspiring haven that encourages learning and creativity alike!




The kitchen is one of the most important areas in any home. As such, Exqsite Interior has given this space an upgrade with beige cabinets and drawers that seamlessly match its glossy light wall backsplash. Moreover, a gallery kitchen layout is used to ensure style and function. Along both sides, ample storage spaces provide plenty of room for all your culinary necessities while keeping everything organized. In fact, there are even floating shelves on one side to keep things neat, while allowing you to display your favourite cookbooks and kitchenware. The countertop is topped with clean white quartz, which is both stylish and durable for everyday use. Not to mention, a dishwasher adds a lavish touch with its seamless insertion into cabinets, and even more space-saving comes in the form of a concealed drying rack. At the end of the kitchen, you'll find a laundry area with stacked washer and dryer units that maximize available floor space without sacrificing style or function!




Exqsite Interior has crafted a truly delightful bathroom space that is both beautiful and calming. Subtle light tones help to create an inviting atmosphere, while the unique arch-shaped silver mirror adds personality and charm to the area. Not to mention, the white studded sink and the warm glow of the silver pendant lighting help bring life into this room - enhancing its beauty even further. In addition, light beige tiles link up the wall with the countertop which cleverly creates more visual spaciousness. The rain shower is separated by a glass panel and is equipped with modern features and a hand shower - perfect for long, relaxing showers.





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