Interior Design Guide II: 5-room flat design ideas

August 29th 2023

Welcome back to our Interior Design Guide series, where we continue to delve into the fascinating world of home inspiration. In this exciting second instalment, we shift our focus to 4 other beautifully designed homes by various other interior designers. Building upon the foundation laid in our previous article, we unveil a treasure trove of creative concepts, transforming these living spaces into havens of style and functionality. So, without further ado, let's unlock the door to endless possibilities and unveil the transformative wonders of these remarkable 5-room flat designs.


Modern and Industrial-Styled Home by Artspaze

If you’re looking to transform your home to become more modern, but prefer a more rugged look or darker tones; this home designed by Artspaze may be a perfect inspiration! Located at 152a Bedok, Artspaze has truly revamped a simple HDB space to one that is breathtakingly stylish and functional.



The entranceway of this industrial-style space boasts a wooden main door that provides a warm contrast to the cool tones of its concrete floors and exposed brick walls. A black-accented spotlight draws attention to the transparent stool placed conveniently next to a pair of shoes, emphasizing the open layout concept. This entranceway leads seamlessly to the kitchen and dining area, making it the perfect introduction to this welcoming and functional space.


Kitchen / Dining Area

The industrial-style kitchen and dining area exude a sleek and contemporary atmosphere within its open-concept space. The gallery kitchen layout showcases black cabinets and a matching kitchen hood, boldly contrasting against the grey backsplash tiles. Meanwhile, earthy accents and slim wooden shelving add warmth and character to the overall design. The prominent black pipe suspending gracefully from the ceiling, on the other hand, enhances the space's industrial look. 

A massive double-door black fridge, complete with a wine compartment, stands prominently against the other wall. A grand concrete dining table takes centre stage, surrounded by luxurious leather herringbone chairs and complemented by concrete benches for additional seating. Above the table, a captivating glass pendant light with golden accents illuminates the space, adding a touch of elegance. On another side of the room, a captivating green cabinet accent wall catches the eye. Muted green cabinetry gracefully flanks a white wall arch-shaped frame, while wooden shelving stands against a backdrop of glossy stone wall backsplash, creating a harmonious blend of natural and industrial elements throughout the space. 

Master Bedroom

This modern and industrial-style bedroom boasts a refined aesthetic with darker tones, an abundance of natural light, and a spacious layout that mirrors the luxury of a hotel. A sleek wardrobe with black glass sliding doors adds a chic touch to the room while allowing for ample storage. Meanwhile, the frosted door leading to the master toilet adds privacy and a sense of exclusivity. 

Artspaze has even gone above and beyond to upgrade the bedframe to be made of leather – creating a luxurious and hotel-esque look. At the same time, the grey bedsheets and beige overthrows create a calming ambience that is perfect for rest and relaxation. But what truly stands out in this master bedroom is the customised wooden vanity table that seamlessly extends to the wardrobe. It is situated right in front of the windows, allowing plenty of natural light to stream in. The vanity table is also paired with a leather stool for a cohesive look, dried flowers for a natural touch, and a hanging pendant light for additional vibrancy. 


Ensuring no space is wasted, Artspaze has transformed another corner of the master bedroom. Boasting a massive mirror atop a circular woven rug, it is surrounded by rustic details like a wooden blanket ladder, earthy-toned cushions, and dried reeds. Meanwhile, the woven pendant lighting fixture provides warm, ambient lighting that radiates throughout the entire space, creating a cosy atmosphere. 


Master Bathroom

This industrial-style master bathroom showcases a bold and stylish design with black accents throughout. The wooden shelf that serves as a sink table adds warmth and natural texture, contrasting against the wide black sink. The toilet bowl is also sleek black, complementing the overall colour scheme of the room. The floor and walls are finished with the same concrete texture, creating a cohesive and contemporary look. Not to mention, it also creates an illusion of a seemingly spacious bathroom! Meanwhile, the black frosted glass panel helps to maintain that open feel while adding privacy between the shower and dry areas. To further distinguish the two spaces, the black-tile backsplash is used for added visual contrast. Meanwhile, a massive window allows natural light to flood the room, creating a bright and airy feel that balances the darker tones of the bathroom's design. 



The other bathroom designed by Artspaze is also equally stunning. Featuring the same wooden floating sink, this bathroom takes on a slightly lighter colour scheme with a graphite sink (instead of a sleek black one). Not to mention, the lack of doors also helps to make the entire bathroom appear more bright and airy. Not to worry, there is a subtle ledge to ensure water does not get to the sink areas, while at the same time, does not disrupt the aesthetic of this beautiful bathroom. To add pops of colour to the space, dried flowers in vases are also added beneath the sink. 


White and Wooden-Accented Home by Creative Studio

If the previous home is too dark for you, and you rather have a brighter and more natural look; perhaps this home designed by Creative Studio would be the perfect renovation inspiration for you! Situated at Lengkong Tifa, this home plays around with different textures of wood to create a visually stunning space. So why not continue on to see some great interior design renovations? 



Living Room 

This white and wooden-accented living room exudes a cosy and inviting atmosphere with its charming blend of neutral tones and natural textures. A TV is elegantly positioned against dark wooden fluted panels, creating a striking focal point on the feature wall. Meanwhile, the wooden frame sofa, adorned with comfortable beige cushion seats, invites relaxation and comfort. Light wood floor tiles contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere, while the wooden coffee table and matching TV console shelving offer both style and functionality. Adding another touch of black to tie the space together is the black ceiling fan. Beyond just aesthetics, Creative Studio also takes into account one’s needs and preferences and blends them with style. For instance, take a look at the charming wooden truck-like bookshelf that showcases children's books. Not only does this offer great functionality, but it also matches the space’s wooden them and can even add a playful element to the space. Finally, wooden window blinds and recessed lighting on the white walls complete the harmonious blend of white and wooden accents, creating an inviting and soothing living room retreat.


Entertainment Room 

Even with limited space, Creative Studio has creatively found ways to make the best out of it to create a simple entertainment room for relaxation. Anchoring the space is a large L-shaped leather sofa that provides ample seating for comfort. It is set against the massive windows to allow light to stream in and open up the space. Meanwhile, the wooden window blinds give you additional privacy while matching the wooden theme of the entire home. Facing the white walls, two adjustable-height tables serve as versatile gaming or work setups, complete with chairs for comfortable use. A black ceiling fan with a light fixture adds a practical touch, ensuring proper ventilation and illumination in the room. 


Dining Area

This simple dining room exudes an elegant and minimalist charm, creating a welcoming space for meals and gatherings. A lighter shade of wooden table takes centre stage, complemented by a grey-cushioned bench and chairs, providing comfortable seating for guests. The open-concept layout enhances the room's spaciousness, allowing for seamless transitions between the dining area and adjacent spaces. Nonetheless, this dining area is still easily distinguished due to the use of lighter shades of wood. Meanwhile, the white walls create a clean and timeless backdrop, allowing the focus to remain on the simplicity and beauty of the furniture and overall design. 



Who said that a hallway can’t be beautiful? Well, Creative Studio has challenged the norms of a boring hallway with a stunning hallway. Boasting fluted wooden panels on one side, and wooden cabinets on the other, this hallway is definitely one to impress. Not to mention, the white arch frame to the kitchen coupled with the recessed lighting help to enhance the space’s beauty. In fact, why don’t we take a closer look at the exquisite details?


Let’s first take a look at the wooden cabinets. The wooden cabinets are arranged in a L-shape to provide maximum storage space, while at the same time, ensuring the space doesn’t look too cramped. The mix of hidden storage areas and display areas also helps to keep things looking neat and clutter-free. Best of all? The recessed lighting in the cabinets and spotlight help to keep the space well-lighted-up and beautiful. And the wooden panels on the right help to separate the dining area and this space. 


Storage Area / Bathroom

Creative Studio didn’t just add fluted wooden panels in the hallway for the looks, they’re for practical reasons too. And that’s to hide away the messy storage area. That’s right, the fluted wooden panels actually double as a hidden storage area! Apart from that, the fluted wooden panels can also be opened up to reveal the hidden bathroom. 



Despite the small bathroom space, Creative Studio has maximised every inch of this space. Making use of a double wooden sink table, allows you to have more storage area while keeping things neat. Not to mention, the glass shower enclosure helps to open up the space. Meanwhile, the black accents (such as the rain shower and door handles) add a touch of modernity. Meanwhile, the cosy grey floormat adds practicality to ensure you don’t wet your dry toilet areas. 



Moving back to the kitchen, it’s time to step through the charming arch-shape entrance. 


Because of the constricted kitchen space, Creative Studio has opted for a lighter colour palette to prevent the space from looking too cramped. The white cabinets with a wooden countertop and matching wooden backsplash tiles create a seamless and cohesive look, adding warmth and natural charm to the kitchen. Recessed lighting illuminates the space, enhancing visibility and creating a welcoming ambience. Not to mention, the L-shaped kitchen layout maximizes efficiency and functionality, with the washer and oven fitted seamlessly within the design. On the left side, massive gated windows flood the kitchen with natural light, creating an airy and open feel. Additionally, a modern laundry drying rack is cleverly attached to the ceiling, offering a convenient and practical solution for laundry needs


Master Bedroom

Moving onto the bedroom, it starts to take on a more tranquil and serene atmosphere with the use of muter-toned woods and beiges. The centrepiece of the room is the wooden-framed bed, adorned with crisp white bed linens and sheets, offering a cosy and inviting space after a long and tiring day. Meanwhile, the windows are fitted with wooden blinds, allowing soft natural light to filter through while adding warmth to the room. A simple wooden bedside table adds a touch of convenience and functionality. 


On the other side of the bedroom, Creative Studio has made it their mission to maximise storage space. A TV is discreetly fitted among white cabinets and wardrobes, seamlessly blending entertainment and storage functionality. Apart from the cabinet spaces, woven baskets are also placed above the white cabinets for more convenient storage options (and to add some texture to the space). Meanwhile, recessed lighting illuminates the room and cabinets with a soft, ambient glow, enhancing the overall atmosphere. A black ceiling fan with a light fixture ensures proper ventilation and illumination while adding a contemporary accent to the room's design. 

On the left side of the bedroom, a series of sleek white cabinets grace the space, showcasing a seamless blend of both form and function. These cabinets provide a harmonious mix of display shelves and closed-door storage compartments, allowing for convenient organization and a clutter-free environment. 


Master Bathroom


The master bathroom exudes a sense of elegance and functionality with its well-designed space and carefully selected furniture. A notable feature is the wooden fluted panels sliding door that serves as a stylish and functional partition. This sliding door creates a separation between the handbag display section and the main bathroom area, offering privacy and a distinct division of space. The wooden fluted panels not only add a touch of warmth and natural texture but also lend a sense of sophistication to the overall design. Coupled with the recessed lighting, it helps to add a luxurious element to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the beige laundry basket enhances convenience levels. 


Moving beyond the sliding door, the main bathroom area awaits, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern fixtures and tasteful decor. The bathroom furniture includes a sleek wooden vanity with ample storage space, a golden-accented circular mirror, and concrete flooring throughout. The shower area features sleek glass panels and a rain showerhead, offering a refreshing and indulgent bathing experience. Meanwhile, the windows ensure adequate ventilation in the bathroom. 


Minimalistic and Wooden-Themed Home by Elpis Interior

If you’re unsure if the previous wooden-themed home by Creative Studio is the one for you, why not take inspiration from this minimalistic and wooden-themed home design by Elpis Interior? Situated at 110B Bidadari Park Drive, this home boasts a lighter-toned colour palette compared to the one by Creative Studio. 




The reddish-brown main door in the entranceway serves as a striking focal point, commanding attention and setting the tone for the rest of the home. As one steps inside, the eye is drawn to the beautiful differing patterned hexagonal tiles that extend from the main door, creating a visually appealing and seamless transition into the home. The intricate patterns of the tiles add a touch of character and charm to the entranceway. Adjacent to the entranceway, an arched-shape mirror adorns the wall, reflecting natural light and creating an illusion of additional space. This mirror not only serves as a functional item for last-minute appearance checks but also adds a decorative element to the hallway. Along one side of the hallway, wooden cabinets provide practical storage solutions while adding a touch of warmth and natural texture to the space. These cabinets offer a convenient place to store shoes, umbrellas, and other items, keeping the entranceway and hallway organized and clutter-free.


Living Room

Continuing from the entranceway, the living room seamlessly extends the visual appeal of the hexagonal tiles that lead from the entrance, creating a cohesive and welcoming atmosphere. At the heart of the room, a comfortable beige leather sofa invites relaxation and leisure. It's plush cushions and sleek design offer both comfort and style, making it a focal point for gathering and conversation. Adjacent to the sofa, light brown cabinets elegantly stretch from the hallway to the living room, providing ample storage and adding a touch of sophistication to the space. Within the cabinet ensemble, a lighted-up nook creates a cosy and inviting ambience, perfect for displaying cherished decor items. Meanwhile, the juxtaposition of the concrete and wooden fluted panels adds visual interest and texture, creating an eye-catching TV feature wall.


 Dining Area

A dark wooden dining table takes centre stage in the dining area, complemented by a bench on one side and two chairs on the other, offering ample seating for family and guests. The table is adorned with a centrepiece of fresh flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty. Above the dining table, a golden-accented pendant lighting fixture casts a soft glow, creating a pleasant atmosphere for shared meals and conversations. Positioned in front of the kitchen, this dining area allows for easy access to culinary delights and encourages a seamless flow between cooking and dining experiences.




The kitchen boasts a well-designed and functional space, featuring a U-shaped layout with a slight modification that shortens one side. And why did Elpis Interior customise it so? Well, not only does the curved wooden cabinetry add visual interest, but it also helps to open up and maximise the space. Not to mention, the kitchen hood, fridge, and dish dryer are also seamlessly integrated into the cabinets, providing modern conveniences while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. 




This bathroom designed by Elpis Interior boasts a sleek and contemporary design with its carefully curated space and furniture. A grey tiled wall backsplash serves as a stylish backdrop, adding a touch of sophistication to the room. The wooden sink table with its ample storage area offers both functionality and aesthetics, providing a convenient space to keep toiletries organized. Meanwhile, double mirrors with hidden storage areas and a ledge not only reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space but also offer additional storage options. Recessed lighting illuminates the room with a soft and inviting glow, enhancing the overall ambience. Not to mention, the shower area is also beautifully designed with darker wooden floor tiles and a glass enclosure, providing both functionality and style. 



The bedroom emanates a sense of comfort and style with its well-appointed space and carefully chosen furniture. A black-cushioned frame bed adorned with pink-fitted bedsheets takes centre stage, inviting relaxation and restful sleep. An L-shaped beige wardrobe offers ample storage for clothing and accessories, keeping the room organized and clutter-free. A delightful surprise awaits within the wardrobe—an intimate wooden nook, fitted with power plugs, providing a convenient space for charging devices or enjoying a cosy reading corner. A soft and cosy rug completes the ambience, adding warmth and texture to the room.



Nature-Inspired Home by Ovon Design

Last but not least, we have this beautiful home designed by Ovon Design! Located

at 153c Bedok South Rd, this charming home boasts lots of fresh planters and a nature-inspired colour palette. So if that sounds like your cup of interior design tea, why continue reading on for some inspiration? 


Living Room

Entering this stunning home, you’ll be greeted by the charming living room fitted with a white TV feature wall and a cosy grey couch. The comfortable grey rug, coupled with the overthrows and cushions atop the sofa, enhances the comfort level of this beautiful living room. Meanwhile, the massive mirror at the side enhances the spaciousness and airiness of the entire space. 


In fact, let’s take a closer look at this inviting TV feature wall consisting of white cabinets arranged in an inverted L-shape. The space is adorned with an abundance of greenery, with numerous plants adding a refreshing touch of nature. Not to mention, the massive windows are adorned with sheer curtains, allowing natural light to gently filter in while maintaining privacy. A white coffee table with elegant wooden legs sits atop a plush grey rug, creating a cosy and functional centrepiece for the room. 

Dining Area

The dining area, nestled behind the sofa in this open-concept space, offers a cosy and inviting spot for shared meals and conversations. A beautiful wooden table takes centre stage, accompanied by a matching wooden bench and chairs, exuding a warm and natural aesthetic. The table is elegantly adorned with a centrepiece of fresh flowers, adding a touch of vibrancy to the space. Above the dining area, a striking black pendant lighting fixture hangs, casting a warm and intimate glow over the table, creating a pleasant ambience for dining experiences. 


Adjacent to the main dining area, the kitchen seamlessly blends functionality and style with its versatile island table. This multi-purpose island not only serves as a food preparation area but also doubles as an additional dining space. Accompanied by wooden high chairs, the white marbled island table creates a chic and modern dining spot. The table is tastefully adorned with a bouquet of flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty to the space. Above the island table, a sleek white pendant lighting fixture illuminates the area, providing both functional and aesthetic value. In the background, wooden floating shelving adds a decorative touch and offers convenient storage for kitchen essentials and decorative items.



The kitchen features a mix of wooden and beige cabinets, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The wooden cabinets are paired with a white countertop, providing a beautiful contrast. The white tile backsplash extends to the ceiling, making the space feel open and airy. An oven is fitted among the beige cabinets on the left, easily accessible for cooking. The island table in the centre doubles as a dining area, complemented by wooden high chairs and a white marbled tabletop. A white pendant light hangs above the island, adding a touch of elegance. Wooden floating shelving in the background provides additional storage and display space for kitchen essentials and decor.



Home Office Space

The home office space is thoughtfully designed to provide a productive and comfortable environment. Two adjustable-height office desks take centre stage, featuring sleek wooden countertops and white legs. Coupled with comfortable office chairs, the desks offer ergonomic seating for focused work. Best of all? Ovon Design has smartly positioned the two desks in differing directions. Not only does this make the room appear less cramped, but it can also give privacy to each workstation. Meanwhile, a big potted plant adds a touch of nature, infusing the space with freshness and vitality. Massive windows provide ample natural light and are adorned with pullable drapes, allowing for privacy when needed as well. 



Next, it’s the bedroom. This bedroom exudes tranquillity and elegance with its carefully selected furniture and serene ambience by Ovon Design. A wooden framed bed, adorned with crisp white bedsheets and cushions, becomes the focal point of the room, inviting relaxation and restful sleep. 


On one side of the bed, there is a small nook that hosts a white-framed oval mirror, a circular handheld mirror, and a glass of fresh flowers to add a touch of elegance to the space. The recessed lighting creates a warm and welcoming ambiance in the room, making it a comfortable and relaxing space to unwind after a long day.



The bathroom exudes a stylish and contemporary ambience with its shiplap wall design, combining grey marbled and white square tiles, creating a captivating visual contrast. The shower area is elegantly separated by a sleek glass panel, providing a seamless and modern touch. A wooden sink table adds warmth to the space, complemented by a curved white sink, adding a touch of sophistication. The bathroom is also equipped with practical and stylish white wooden blinds that are perfect for privacy and blocking out excess light.

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