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What makes a house a home? Is it the interior design? The colour scheme? Or the reflection of the owner’s personality onto its surroundings? We think it is the way a home makes people feel when they are in it. That is why we dedicate time to talk about interior design ideas day in and day out. For those looking for chic home interior design ideas, you are at the right place. We are reviewing a stylish artistic home designed and renovated by She Interior. Take a paper and pen, or just bookmark this page, because it is time to get inspired.

How do you marry modern ideas with classic furnishings?

Placement and balance is key. From this shot, you’ll see a balance between the mahogany furnishings with the cream walls. To balance two ends of the colour spectrum, you have sandy-hued tiles that bring the neutral tones together.

The drop lights hung above the dining area is akin to an art installation that draws eyes. With an organic art piece on its background, it is an unlikely pair that is a match made in heaven with the industrial-like lights.

Another aspect is the different colours of wood used in the setting. The tabletop is of a different colour compared to the built-in cabinets at the entrance and kitchen. Don’t be afraid to mix tones. However, it helps to pick a dominant wood tone (in this case, the mahogany cabinets) and complement it with a lighter-hued moveable (in this case, the cedar-coloured dining table).

shei nterior - bathroom

How do you infuse a seamless design in your home? Having little pieces that remind you of another space in your home!

Remember the drop lights in the dining area? It is now incorporated in the en suite bathroom. The bathroom carries more modern accents as compared to the living area. The marbled tiles from the floor to the ceiling create a sense of privacy.

There is a balance between the sharp edge of industrial design from the black and perfectly angled shower and faucet with the organic elements seen on the mountainous artwork and succulent.

she interior - bathroom with white tiles

She Interior injected more fun and texture to the general bathroom of the home. Unlike the previous en suite, it uses more neutral colours like cream brick-like ceramic tiles and an oak-toned under-sink cabinet.

They dared to use more black and white mosaic tiles for the flooring that worked great with the whole vibe. Again, to ease the geometric elements of the space, succulents and an organic artwork is used.

What other element is similar to both the previous images? If you answered the lighting, you are absolutely correct!

she interior kitchen with matte black cabinets

The kitchen area is rather spacious, so there is no need to work about colour schemes that will close up the space. We absolutely love the way they play with dark cabinets and sink (absolutely gorgeous) with a white kitchen top. That is not all, finishing the hardware with gold pieces makes the kitchen look almost avant-garde.

It is important to note that the area does not look claustrophobic despite the dark colours because there is enough natural light coming in and the flooring is light coloured.

Another unique design we see here is how the black splash (pun intended) extends to the skin area, up to the ceiling.

If you are afraid that it might look gloomy, make use of under furniture lighting because it will make a world of difference when the sun sets and you’d want to get around the kitchen as well as the day time.

she interior living room with neutral hues

Finally, it is the living area. The rug acts to cordon off the sitting and dining area. Here, the colour scheme takes a subtle change from dark browns to shades of grey.

She Interior is very intentional when it comes to picking the overflow of colour schemes from one zone to another. Here, you can see that the sofa carries the same hue as the dining chairs, but it is mixed and matched with grey cushions and curtains..

Here, the feature wall is also the entertainment wall. Having a wood panel backdrop is ideal as it works to mount up the television equipped with storage space.

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