Interior design styles: capture the old days with the vintage style

Let’s take a moment to remember our past. Ignore your surroundings for a moment, and think about a happy memory for a minute. Maybe you’re thinking of a time you spent with your cherished friends or family, or maybe you’re thinking of the first time you were swept off your feet … Feeling nostalgic yet? Well, the vintage style of interior design can sometimes bring out those feelings in us – sentimental feelings of comfort and warmth. Keep reading to learn more about this style of interior design.

Vintage interior design: trademarks and early influences

fifth avenue - living area

The vintage style is actually more complex than most, because it encapsulates a huge umbrella of styles from the mid-20th century post-war period. Some vintage-themed rooms appear romantic, others timeless and elegant. And still others might appear regal and luxurious. Yet, all have these in common: warmth, comfort and class. Here are some key elements that can help you create that distinctive feel of vintage interior design when stylish meets soothing.

Vintage interior design: pastel colour scheme

Goodman interior - Living room

The vintage style is gentle and comforting – think of being cuddled by your warm, loving Granny. And that’s why when designing a vintage-themed room, large areas of bold and neon colours should be avoided. Vintage interiors typically have cream, beige or white backdrops, with some pastels, brown, or glossy black finishes to act as visual breaks. Those are usually the major colours of the room. If you want your vintage themed room to have a luxurious edge, the gold and cream combination is also a stunning choice for a backdrop.

Ataz Haus - bedroom

Bold colours can also be added to make your room pop! But these impactful colours must be used sparingly and carefully. Remember: the vintage style uses a fine balance of colours to capture that sense of soothing comfort, so bold colours are generally used subtly, as accents. A bouquet of large red roses, for example, can serve as a fitting and brightly coloured accent for a vintage design.

Black N White Haus - display

Vintage interior design: Ornate and graceful furniture

fifth avenue - bedroom

In vintage-themed rooms, the furniture tends to be elegant and graceful. So when you’re looking for furniture to fit into your vintage-themed room, try looking for furniture that shows off gentle curves. Gilded mirrors, curved-back dining chairs, high-backed armchairs, and clawfoot bathtubs are all excellent additions to a vintage-themed room. The graceful curves of the headboard in the picture is a wonderful example of this style.

Black N White Haus - display

 Ornate furniture is also a key trademark of the vintage style. So it’s a huge bonus if you can find some furniture pieces with intricate carvings and shapes!

Vintage interior design: Walls and curtains

Black N White Haus - living hall

In a vintage-themed room, the walls and curtains take a step back to the beautiful and attention-grabbing furniture of vintage interior design – they contribute subtly to the overall atmosphere without overpowering the room. That doesn’t mean they’re unremarkable, though! Many choose to have walls that have certain patterns or designs on them to add overall texture to a vintage-themed room. Observe the simple elegance of the raised borders of the walls in the picture, for example. Raised panel walls are also a popular option in vintage interior design.

In a typical vintage room, the curtains also tend to be rather subtle and delicate, sometimes with a gossamer-like appearance. Lace is a wonderful option for day curtains. If a heavier, more opaque option is needed for night-time, you can consider curtains that have floral patterns, or gentle designs.

Vintage interior design: aesthetic effects

The vintage style can be breathtakingly beautiful when done well – achieving a look that that exudes class, comfort, and elegance. Even better: because of its timelessness, it’s rare that a vintage-themed home goes out of style.

However, the vintage style is all about balance, and it is not always easy to achieve. For example, having a few well-placed antiques as centrepieces can tie a vintage room together, but too many and they wind up looking cluttered. A couple of floral patterns can be wonderful additions, but too much can also make a room look dated.

Another possible pitfall lies in being inconsistent in selecting the mood of a vintage theme – be careful to make sure the theme is consistent throughout a room. Don’t start by using whites and pastels, and then switch to a glamourous gold theme halfway through the room, and then switch it back again. Both colour palettes have their place in vintage interior design, but for an optimal aesthetic, it is important to make sure your pieces complement their surroundings. If you need help achieving a vintage look, try this matching tool for FREE! Simply submit a few details and Renodots will match you to 5 interior designers. Click here for more info on the matching tool!

Vintage interior design: the good and bad it can do for a home

The main advantage of the vintage style of interior design is that it offers warmth and beauty. Interior design can affect our mood, and unsurprisingly, our moods can improve when we appreciate the beauty and comfort that the vintage interior design style has to offer. This can make this style perfect for those who need a place to unwind after a long day of work. The vintage interior is also more tolerant of clutter compared to some other interior design styles, because even though a vintage room is at its best with minimal clutter, a little probably won’t disrupt the aesthetic of warmth too much.

However, the vintage style might not be suitable for those who prefer to get pumped and stay pumped. Vintage rooms are meant to have calming atmospheres, so if you prefer highly energetic environments, you might want to think twice before committing to a vintage style.

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