Interior Design Styles For 5-Room Resale Flats

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First off, if you are going to be the proud owner of a 5-room resale flat in Singapore, congratulations! But making a new property feel like home can be tricky, and that’s exactly what we’re here for. On this page you will find 7 homes with awesome 5-room resale flat interior designs! So take a look and see, and if you like these designs, feel free to use them as inspiration for your own 5-room resale flat, or contact the designers themselves!

Awesome Interior Design #1: 117 Bishan Street 12 by Ovon Design

ovon design collage

This beautiful home in Bishan was designed by the talented Maria and Leon from Ovon Design. With the skillful use of a monochromatic colour palette, natural light, and earthy colours for accents, Ovon Design has somehow managed to create a home that appears elegant and nostalgic, and yet simple and functional at the same time. A truly awesome interior design for this 5-room resale flat.

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Awesome Interior Design #2: 612 Jurong West Street 65 by SHE Interior

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Whether you’re after the luxurious look, the air of simple elegance, or the playful spark of fantasy, SHE Interior can do it all – and that is perfectly shown in this home in Jurong West! From room to room, SHE Interior is able to adjust its design to suit each room’s unique function and purpose. Just take a look at the rainbows and unicorns in one bedroom, the eye-catching rainforest design in another, and the classy marble tiling in the bathroom, living room and kitchen. And to top it off, notice that despite the shift in interior design style from room to room, there is no design in this home that looks basic or generic – every room still bursts with uniqueness and personality.

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Awesome Interior Design #3: Woodlands by SEDS interior

seds interior collage

Looking for a sleek modern design in your home? Then check out this awesome interior design from SEDS Interior! Like the earlier home by Ovon Design, this home by SEDS Interior also primarily uses a monochromatic colour palette to create a home that embodies elegance and functionality. However, while Ovon Design was more minimalistic, the décor in this home tends to follow a more modern style of interior design – notice the modern-style geometric lights hanging above the dining table, and the use of a mirror-wall to enlarge the space in the living room. The two styles have their similarities, but they are stunning in different ways.

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Awesome Interior Design #4: 330 Sembawang Close by Exqsite Interior Design

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In this home, Exqsite Interior Design has carefully woven in wooden aesthetics into each room of the house, which helps to provide both texture and warmth. In addition, they have also opened up the space beautifully by embracing an open concept, with screen doors that can easily be pulled apart as needed. Yet, they have been careful to ensure that each space is neatly separated from others – the home office, dining area, and living area each have its own well-defined space within the home. Plus, to cater to the owners’ needs, a charming walk-in wardrobe has been added, complete with a mirror and track lighting!

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Awesome Interior Design #5: 863 Woodlands by Artspaze

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This home by Artspaze bursts with creativity and uniqueness! From the cubbyholes behind the television to the display cabinet in the kitchen, Artspaze appears to have customised its design according to the owners’ own decorating preferences. The chandelier above the dining table is another eye-catching feature designed to enhance the space without overwhelming it. Finally, while terrazzo floors might not be for everyone, this awesome interior design uses it to give the room even more texture.

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Awesome Interior Design #6: 258 Jurong East Street by Elpis Interior Design

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Created by the talented designers at Elpis, this Scandinavian style home is a haven for book lovers, nature lovers, or anyone who needs plenty of storage space, really. In the living room alone, there are plenty of concealed cupboards and drawers around the television area. The spaces that are exposed, though – the cubbyholes and the surface on which the television stands – are equipped with specialised lighting so you can always see your display pieces clearly. The design of the study exudes a love for knowledge, complete with a bookshelf that has been designed to resemble a tree! And finally, in the bedrooms, who would need a bedside table when there are built-in cubbyholes right by the head of the bed?

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Awesome Interior Design #7: 308A Punggol Walk by Elpis Interior Design

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Elpis Interior design did it again! Masterful use of room dividers and a lovely open concept has made this home into a highly functional space that is convenient for everyday living. Notice the seamless flow of the design as it transits from the living area to the dining area, and from the dining area to the kitchen. Moreover, the use of full-length curtains in both the living room and the bedroom helps to elongate the space to make the ceiling appear higher.

If you are looking for great inspirations, do not miss out on these awesome interior designs for your 5-room resale flat!