Interior Design Styles: Live in the Moment with the Contemporary Style

By Editor Nicole , Apr 30, 2021
Interior Design Styles: Live in the Moment with the Contemporary Style
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On today’s article from our interior design series, we explore the contemporary style of interior design! Read on to find out the ins and outs of contemporary interior design, and what it can do to spruce up your home.

Contemporary Interior Design: Trademarks And Early Influences

In truth, the contemporary style is particularly hard to pin down because of its ever-changing nature. Unlike most interior design styles, contemporary design changes with the times, modifying itself to reflect the most current interior trends in art and design. Yet, contemporary design never lacks some elements of its past influences, some of which include other interior design styles! This might sound confusing, but hopefully, it’ll become clear by the end of this article. For now, all you need to know is that with contemporary interior design, the look you’re going for is fresh, simple, sophisticated, and artistic. Let’s take a look at some elements of the contemporary style of today!

Contemporary Interior Design: Neutral Colour Palette

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The colour palette of contemporary design is almost monochromatic – black, white and grey. One of the most important concepts in contemporary design is contrast, which is why it is extremely common to find black or grey furniture against a white backdrop, or vice versa. The truth is, you can choose any of the three colours as your room’s base colour, then add the other two in bold contrast.

Interestingly, bold contrast is usually used only within the 3 main colours. For your accent pieces, although it’s perfectly fine to travel a little out of the monochromatic colour palette, most accents aren’t too far from black – think of colours like brown, navy, maroon, and so on. Bold and bright colours like red, yellow or green should be used extremely sparingly.

Contemporary Interior Design: Show Off the Space

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Another interesting trademark of contemporary design is a wonderful use of space throughout the room. That is, the furniture layout almost always utilises the full room, yet with plenty of gaps between the different pieces to prevent the room from looking crowded. The end result: contemporary-style rooms show off their full space, looking more spacious and well-laid out than most others.

To achieve this, pay close attention to the patches of empty space all over your room. Are they fairly evenly distributed throughout the room? Does any particular section seem crowded? If there’s a crowded section, try rearranging to perhaps make another empty space smaller, while creating some space in that section.

Contemporary Interior Design: Lines

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In contemporary interior design, the lines are always clean and well-defined, yet they are far more fluid than those of the industrial or Scandinavian style of interior design. That is, their lines are often more varied – there are always some straight lines and some curved lines, which improves the overall flow of the room. This is necessary to balance out the stark contrast in colours that often exists in contemporary design.

Contemporary Interior Design: Texture

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Now, to keep the room from looking two-dimensional, it’s time to add a little texture in. Texture in contemporary design can be held by fabrics, such as a rug, the curtains, the upholstering of furniture, or a few stylish throws. But it can come in other forms too! Textured walls, floors, and even pillows can help to add depth to your room.

Contemporary Interior Design: Artistic Statements

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Finally, no contemporary-style room would be complete without one or two statement pieces that keep the room looking fresh and interesting. This can take the form of many objects – a hanging mural, a sculptural lamp, a feature wall, a display piece, or in the case of the room above, a unique coffee table.

Contemporary Interior Design: Aesthetic Effects

The contemporary style of interior design is known for being creative and artistic, yet only subtly so. A well-designed contemporary-style home would never come off gaudy or showy. In fact, because contemporary design reflects the trends of today, these designs naturally tend to look stylish and chic. Every piece of furniture will have its own space, but some unity in colour and style tends to help the furniture interact in harmony with one another, creating a seamless flow throughout each room.

You can think of contemporary-style homes as having several layers: at its base, contemporary interior design captures the warm and comfortable elements of a home. However, overlaid on top of that is the magic touch of modern style, and your own unique personality that keeps the look fresh and trendy.

Contemporary Interior Design: The Good And Bad It Can Do For A Home

The main advantage in contemporary design is that your home can be undeniably, uniquely, you. Contemporary interior design allows you to express yourself in ways that many other styles do not – in your choice of accent colours, lines, lighting, art statements, and even architectural elements. At times, the contemporary style also mixes and matches a couple elements from other styles of interior design, which gives even more room for you to express your uniqueness as you see fit. Because of this, contemporary-style homes tend to burst with character. Furthermore, because of their excellent use of space, contemporary-style homes allow you easy mobility and make sure you never feel cramped up.

However, before you commit to the contemporary style of interior design, keep in mind that contemporary interior design is always changing. What is “in” one year might appear dated in 20 years or so. That’s why, when you put together your contemporary-style home, never blindly follow trends simply because they’re popular now – make sure it’s something you yourself love and find tasteful. Just that alone makes the design more likely to age well over the years.  

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