Interior designs you’d be SEDS-isfied with.

The new year is here, and most of us are crossing our fingers hoping that all will be good. For some of you, exciting things await – like moving into a new home, buying a new home, renting your home, and the possibility of revamping your current home. For others, you might be looking for interior designs. And you’ll find it here!

We are looking at four gorgeous designs by SEDS Interior Design and even as we look through the images, a chorus of ooohs and ahhhs are resounding in our heads.

Scroll down to know why.

Stay Classy

boon lay resale - bedroom

Do you want a home that exudes luxury?

Here at this Boon Lay 4-room resale unit, we see elegance marry restfulness. A dim master bedroom with a gloss of gold from light trimmings and flowy metallic curtains. Colours in the bedroom should be calm as it helps sleep.

boon lay resale - bathroom

From the master bedroom, access the vanity/walk-in wardrobe and bath. Because the entrance is rather large and not hindered by doors, it is a seamless progression from the room to the vanity. The undisrupted flooring gives the two spaces connectedness.

boon lay resale - dining

Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by a symmetrical art piece surrounded by glass panels. It gives an optical illusion tricks the eyes to spaciousness. The white walls and tiles also contribute to the airiness of the area.

boon lay resale - dining 2

Want a space that can be easily converted to entertain guests?

The dining area is what you’ll see once you enter this home, which is rather unusual. But then again, many of us bond in the presence of food. If you have visitors that call in for work purposes or friends that sashay in for a party, this space works!

Check out the revolving television console!

Dining or living – it does not matter. Both are perfect for family and guests.

boon lay resale - kitchen

From the other side of the dining area, you’ll spot the kitchen. It is a closed kitchen designed to emulate an open kitchen with sliding see-through glass doors. It makes tidying up easy as oil splatters and smells will not “spill-over” to other parts of the home.

boon lay resale kitchen 2

You’ll also notice that the design uses glossy surfaces, from the cabinets to island, kitchen counters and even the dining room flooring and cabinets. If there is not enough natural light coming in from windows, it is crucial to have light reflected as much as possible so it does not feel claustrophobic. Even though there are a fair bit of dark surfaces, the glossy surfaces still effectively reflect light.

Shrouded in Mystery

Do you prefer dimmer and darker colours in your home?

Contrary to popular belief, dark colours can be used for both small and big rooms. You just need to know how to design it. But if you have an interior designer, more than half the work is done.

Here, we take a look at what SEDS Interior Design did with a Yishun 4-room unit, using dark colours and textures while balancing it with light play.

yishun - bathroom

Black mosaic tiles on walls and grey slab tiles for flooring, when contrasted with under cabinet lighting, makes the bathroom dramatic.

yishun - kitchen

When the hues of a room are of similar colour, play with textures. Can you count how many different textures there are in this galley kitchen?

Check out the matte cabinet doors, sand-blasted backsplash, ribbed sliding door, sleek steel appliances, wood grain countertops and stone-finish floor slabs.

yishun - foyer

This home carries a distinct modern industrial design theme. The cement panels and grill doors that play with shadow lines, highlighting a clean and linear aesthetic found predominantly industrial-themed decor.

yishun - entryway

Like the hallways of your favourite sci-fi movies, this short but impactful passageway wall is grooved, similar to zinc roofs on old homes, leading to an impressive lighted display at the end.

yishun - bathroom 2

In the common bathroom, the colours are almost similar from floor to ceiling. Again, you see the play on textures. In the shower stall, rectangular tiles are used, using a brick pattern to present a classic layout. Outside the stall, bigger tiles are used and they are stacked on top of each other, without the brick lay design.

yishun - walk in wardrobe

Who said only women covet a walk-in wardrobe?

This dark and dapper space is the perfect place to hang bespoke suits with ties, of every style and colour. Keep everything organised so you can take your pick at a glance.

yishun - bedroom

Feel like royalty by placing your bed on a “pedestal”. Well, not like Princess and the Pea but when you put your bed frame on a platform, it does feel like going up to your throne to lay down for a good rest.

Simply Simple

For those who just want their home to be clutter-free and almost minimal, you’ll like what SEDS Interior Design did for Sky Terrace at Dawson.

When you enter the unit, the feeling of lightness takes over, even though it is not a lot of wide spaces to work with.

sky terrace - living room

The living room is bathed in white. Glossy cabinets are fitted from the entrance, joining with the television console, so there is enough storage space.

sky terrace - living room 2

The built-in wall behind the television has lines that are parallel to the storage cabinets beside it, making it look seamless.

sky terrace - bathroom

There are a million ways to inject fun into a space. Choose a locale where you don’t mind having fun with. The mismatched tiles in the bathroom are certainly eye candy. But to ensure there is still uniformity in chaos, keep the colours similar.

sky terrace - walk-in closet

Mirrors that have double duty? It is a YES from us. These mirrors in the wardrobe give is a full-length view of yourself when you are getting ready. It is also a sliding door for your wardrobe and creates spaciousness in a confined room.

sky terrace - walk-in closet

Want to (literally) elevate your bedroom game? Add a platform. It can function as storage and a light source when you need to head to the bathroom in the dead of night with LED strip lights lining the bottom.

sky terrace - bathroom 2

The general washroom carries the theme of the attached bathroom in the master. As this space is smaller, the printed tiles are just used as a backsplash at the basin area.

Classic Don’t Go Out Of Style

If you don’t want to chase after what is in style but still do not want your home to look dated, choose a classic design for your home. SEDS Interior Design created a classic wonder with the Tampines 5-room unit that makes us fall in love with wall panelling.

tampines - foyer

This cosy setting brings in feelings of nostalgia – from panelled cabinet doors to glossy marble flooring, it is the kind of home anyone regardless of age would be satisfied to live in.

tampines - living

The hallway opens up to the living room. When the curtains are drawn together, the sconces on both sides of the television provide a great secondary source of light to this sizable room.

tampines - dining

The kitchen is turned from an L-shape to a U-shape with the extension of the bar. It provides ample countertop and cabinet spaces. It also doubles up as an entertainment area for when guests visit.

tampines - kitchen

Here, you can see the U-shape more clearly. We love how there is ample lighting in here. Notice that the cabinet doors are indented in the middle section, creating a panel-like design similar to the ones along the hallway.

If you like what you’ve seen here, speak to our SEDS Interior Design. Check out their portfolio and discuss your ideas. You can get a quote from them too or simply enquire below.

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