Interior doors for your new home

July 28th 2022

Interior doors for your new home 

Are you building or renovating your new home? If you are, you might be neglecting one of the most overlooked visual design elements in your house. And that is your doors. In fact, many do not realise that the type of interior door you choose can vastly affect the visual appeal of your home, your privacy, and even noise control.  With the right interior door design, you can achieve a functional and stylish home. Here are some interior doors types for your new home.

French doors


French doors are one the most popular types of interior door styles. While French doors tend to be more pricey, they are usually made of more premium materials, and are incredibly visually pleasing to the eye. Just take a look at how beautiful and unique the French doors are above! Typically, people use French doors as exterior doors that lead out to their patio or balcony. At times French doors are also used as entrance doors to a dining room, or even as doors that lead to an indoor garden area. However, it ultimately depends on your preference of where you should place French doors. A bonus of French doors? They are rust and corrosion-resistant. Hence, these visually stunning doors will definitely stand the test of time and any weather. Furthermore, French doors usually come pre-hung, hence making the installation process even smoother.


If you love what French doors can do for you, but are unsure if the design suits your preferences, you should take a look at the modern variations of French doors. For instance, the modern French sliding door in the image features a larger glass panel which looks visually stunning. In addition, this modern French door combines traditional elegance with modern convenience. Not only do they have the same authentic appeal of a French door, but it also allows you to easily slide the door open and close. In addition, you can also customise your French doors to have frosted glass instead of the usual glass panels. Frosted glass is the perfect option if you prefer to have more privacy.


Credits: metrie

Does the above interior door design appeal to you? If it does, consider getting louvered doors. This uniquely designed door is paired with historic designs, modern ranch themes, beach-style interiors, and more. It also comes in a variety of colours. Another benefit of louvered doors? They ensure your privacy, while still allowing noise and air to flow freely in and out of the room.

Pocket doors

Credits: metrie (left), designingidea (right)

Currently trending in the world of doors are pocket doors. While pocket doors work like a sliding door would, it is just a single piece of door that is mounted to rolling overhead track and slides into a space or “pocket” installed in the wall. Essentially this means that you can hide your door in the “pocket” in your wall. Hence, a perfect choice if you have a smaller house. After all, they do not need any space to swing out. In addition, when the door is concealed into your wall, it also gives an illusion of a larger room dur to the fully unobstructed doorway. This can be seen from the typical single pocket door on the right image. They also come in a double door style, just like the image on the left. Moreover, they can be made with an almost endless variety of materials like wood, metal and composite.

Flush doors

Credits: builddirect

If you love a minimalistic door design, flush doors are for you. Known to be the simplest doors on the market, they are characterized by their completely flat surface on both sides. While most flush doors are regular hinged doors, they can also appear as pocket flush doors. One other benefit? They are usually incredibly cheap and affordable. And they come in a variety of finishes. For instance, you can get it wood-stained and painted, or in special finishing treatments. What about the quality of flush doors? Flush doors are usually strong, durable, and insulated with proofing options. In addition, you can customise flush doors to the size you need. They are highly customizable and can be easily reduced or increased in size. In short, flush doors provide flexibility in terms of design and décor, all at a low cost.

Glass doors

Credits: metrie

Prefer a more open concept still but want to enjoy noise reduction of conventional doors? Glass doors are the right option for you then. They may be made entirely out of glass or combined with another material, such as a wooden or metal frame. For instance, the door above is a glass-paned door that combines glass and a wooden frame. While glass is typically known to be fragile, you do not need to worry about glass doors. These glass panels are usually tempered or toughened, hence reinforcing their strength and preventing them from breaking easily. Contrary to popular belief, glass doors can come in a wide range of glass designs, colors, and textures. For example, glass doors can be clear, frosted, graphic coated or back painted, texture, etched, embossed, or sandblasted. The choice is endless, and you can certainly find one that you like best, and can best complement your room.

Accordion Doors

Credits: designingidea (top), Alibaba (bottom)

Looking for another kind of space-saving door? Consider an accordion door. Instead of the usual swinging motion from a conventional hinged door, an accordion door opens by folding back in sections, thus forming a shape that is similar to an accordion. Unlike pocket doors which conceal into a wall, accordion doors typically fold up to one side. Usually, they are used as partitions or dividers. However, if you like the design or accordion doors, you can also use them in your bedroom, or wherever you like. Accordion doors also come in a wide range of materials such as wood, wood, glass, vinyl, and plastic. For instance, the image on the left is a plastic accordion door. And the accordion door on the right is a mixture of wood and glass panels. At the same time, you can easily modify it into different sizes by trimming at the bottom. One other benefit? They are easy to operate and quieter than a conventional swinging door!

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