Interior Empire- 212 Petir Road

November 16th 2022

Interior Empire- 212 Petir Road

Interior Empire always aims to exceed expectations and their team of designers seem to be able to do almost anything! From simple and minimalistic themes to bright and outrageous colour palettes, Interior Empire has an extensive catalogue to showcase their diverse and creative works. Here, we’ll look at one of their more eye-catching interior designs located at 212 Petir Road. This 4-room resale flat only cost $90,000 to transform the originally drab HDB flat into a pastel dream come true.


Something like a barbie dreamhouse, this kitchen features pastel pinks and white furniture that makes the entire place look bright and inviting. The cute overhead lighting fixtures nicely complement the colour palette while also providing an intimate setting when switched on. The layout is rather simple with an island in the middle surrounded by cabinets. This allows the pastel colours to really stand out and will definitely draw the attention of your guests.

Living room 

When you think of a royal family’s house, marble and chandeliers come to mind. Now throw in the barbie fantasy home and this is essentially what you get with this living room. The comfy European-style sofas paired with a luxurious-looking chandelier makes the living room look simply exquisite. This design is definitely one fit for royalty, and that’s just how you’ll feel sitting down with your favourite drink at the end of a tiring day.



The bedroom is no exception when it comes to magnificence. The wall crowning and bed are reminiscent of a castle’s bedroom or a doll’s room that you might remember seeing while walking through the aisles of a toy store. Not only is the room aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional, with a sizeable vanity for you to get ready to tackle the day.

While there are touches of more traditional European or Nordic styles in the bedroom, it also features contemporary elements such as the large closet for you to house all your favourite purses and outfits. This layout is minimalistic but practical. The display shelves allow you to easily scan across for the perfect purse to complement your outfit. 



The master bedroom’s bathroom is decked out in white marble to give a spacious and clean feeling to the bathroom. The bathtub gives you the option of soaking in your favourite scents and to soothe your tired muscles. However, there is also a shower head for those times that you just want a quick rinse before heading out or to bed.


The common bathroom follows a similar theme but features more pink tiles and cabinets. The attention to detail is evident in this design as even the piping has been painted to suit the colour palette. 

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