Is It Hot? Or Is It Just The Air Conditioning?

By Editor Rachel , Mar 15, 2020
Is It Hot? Or Is It Just The Air Conditioning?

Head outside, and you’ll be perspiring in seconds. Though we enjoy the sun all year round, its scorching heat in the afternoon is merciless. To ensure we live comfortably, we install air conditioners in all the rooms at home; maybe just not in the bathroom and laundry room. However, the heat sometimes manages to wriggle itself into our cool rooms, causing us to perspire again!

So, is it just really hot? Or is it an issue with the air conditioner?

Air conditioner

Here at Renodots, we provide quick access to the people you need to contact during a household emergency, like an air-con malfunction. Continue reading to find out if your cooling machine needs a little fixing.

  • Emitting Warm Air

You switch on the air-conditioner, close the door and windows, and sit down to relax. After a few moments, you feel a drop of sweat running down your face and wonder, ‘Hey, didn’t I switch on the air-con?’

You check the remote control for the air conditioner and it states 16℃. When you get closer to it, you feel warm air blowing out of its vents.

If this happens, it is probably due to the restricted air flow due to dirty filters. If you use the air-conditioner every day, the filters should be changed (and cleaned) every 1-2 months.

However, it could also be a compressor issue. Compressors are an air conditioner's main component to help control the flow of refrigerants into the cooling circuit. If it does not function, it might be due to overheating. You’ll need to get a professional to fix it.

  • Water Leak

You may be doing your chores around the home. Suddenly, you step on a puddle of water, though you are away from any water source. You find that the puddle had originated from the droplets of water from the air conditioner.

Although your aircon uses a refrigerant to cool the home and condensation may happen, there should be no leakage. When there is a leak, something in your air conditioner is not functioning properly, and the problem should be investigated and rectified.

If not, leaks could damage other items or systems in your home that have nothing to do with the air conditioning in the first place!

Leak issues could stem from an air leak at the aircon vent, filter blockage, clogged condensation line, refrigerant leak, or a frozen foil in the machine. All these will require the help of an air conditioning specialist.

  • Bad Odour

If there is one thing you must NOT ignore, it is bad smell coming from your air conditioner. That should never happen - ever. But if it does, it could be time to use your detective nose to determine the culprit.

If it is a musty smell, it is probably caused by mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup. You will need to really clean the vent and filters.

If it smells like exhaust fumes, there might be fluid leaks in your engine. Call a professional in.

If it smells like smoke, something might be wrong with the running motor or circuit board. Again, this will require the assistance of a professional.

If it smells like rotten eggs, an animal might have gotten stuck in the system and died. Unless you know the ins and outs of the air conditioner, we suggest calling a professional in too. There have been cases where snakes could hide in there too. Yikes!

  • Unusual Sounds

We are not talking about the usual sound the air conditioning makes when it starts up or switches off. When there is an unusually loud sound, it is highly likely that you will need a technician to come over, rectify the issue, and fix the problem. After all, an air conditioner is not a musical instrument.

Rattling or humming noises can indicate a loose part of the engine that needs to be re-lubricated.

If it is a loud buzzing sound, it could stem from electrical problems like copper lines rubbing against something.

If you hear loud clicks as you switch on the aircon, there could either be an obstruction in the outdoor fan or the beginnings of a failing thermostat.

Screeching sounds tell that the fan belt is misaligned or worn out.

We hope you don’t hear a hissing sound because the culprit would most likely be a leaking compressor valve. Otherwise, it could also be caused by high pressure inside the compressor.

These issues must be rectified by a specialist so you won’t put your home in an uncomfortable setting.

There are just some issues that you will need to be sensitive to with regards to the functions of your air conditioners. Did you know that you need to service your air conditioners every 6 months? If you have not paid any attention to it, you should!

At Renodots, we have compiled a list of trusted professionals you can contact to resolve your air conditioner problems. They cover residential and commercial units. Click here to access them.

Remember, small issues may become bigger issues if you delay the repairs!