Japanese Home Designs

A man’s home is his castle. Therefore, choosing a theme for your new home is as equally important as choosing the location of your home. In my own personal opinion, I would usually go for a tranquillity of a home than anything else.

Japanese Home

One of my favourite décor or style of a property would be the Japanese home. For some reason or another, it’s design and medieval style architecture has some sort of appeal. It gives a notion of a peaceful existence when you enter your own home. I am it also has the same effect when guest was to enter your home for the first time feeling the Japanese style ambience.

Styles of Japanese homes

Japanese Home Interior

It is common knowledge that Japan has a rich and diversified culture, spanning throughout their history it can be said that their architecture is unique compared to most of the world. Therefore, one of the most common homes identifiable is the Shoji home. Shoji houses are what we traditionally see in movies. They do not have glass doors or panels.

Traditionally speaking, Shoji houses have a sliding panel that is made of translucent paper in a wooden frame. They are both used for interior and exterior walls. They definitely help give Japanese houses their characters by allowing diffuse light and shadows through.

Fusuma Homes

What is a Fusuma design style home?

Fusuma design style home

Although slightly similar to that of Shoji, the Fusuma home allows the interior Japanese house to be dramatically altered. They basically can be configured at will into bigger or smaller rooms for different purposes.

Fusuma design style home dining area

Back in the day, it was quite common for bedrooms to be linked into the living rooms. Due to the multigeneration families living under one roof, space constraint was a constant struggle. Fusuma styles houses were generally made of wood, paper, cloth, or cardboard. They were integrated with landscapes of famous Japanese art works. If you are planning to safe cost on materials for your HDB or otherwise. A Fusuma style home will be ideal for your next selection.

Engawa style home

In Singapore, if you are staying in a landed property and you have more cash to burn, the Engawa style home will be ideal for your décor. (Engawa house pic stated above) The style will comprise of both modern and traditional style décor. However, be prepared to spend quite a bit. A 4000 square feet landed property design to look like an Engawa décor home can easily set the buyer back for at least 4 to 5 million SGD.

The interior is as important as the exterior. Most buyers will tend to source for ancient Japanese furniture in order to blend in with the exterior building. The furniture alone could set the buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Genkan Homes

Genkan Home Entrance

What is a difference between a western home culture and an Asian home culture? For westerners it is apparently all right to walk into a home with shoes on. However, for most Asians that taught alone tends to put people off.

Genkan Home Platform

The Genkan Home is by far my favourite. It was traditionally design for people to remove their shoes before entering the house. In deciding what sort of home to choose from, the buyer could choose the ulterior style to be a traditional Genkan home. This would bring up the flair and uniqueness in any type of Singaporean homes.

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