Japanese Inspired Home

Japanese interior design is all the rage recently. It is inspired by simplicity and naturalness. Walk into a MUJI store and you’ll understand the direction the Japanese are pursuing. It is focused on lines, form, space, and light, creating a zen-like atmosphere for the home. Ideal for those who like oriental culture, this design is very different from ornate carvings and blazing reds and golds of another type of oriental culture, however, is perfect for one who gives high esteem to aesthetics and natural harmony.

We take a look at what Neu Konceptz did in one of the HDB units located at Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4. It is an old township at Choa Chu Kang that is fitted with modern amenities, making it popular amongst buyers and investors. The public transportation is easily accessible with a few MRT and LRT stations in this area. The location is the choice of many families with children.

The unit that we are going to look at is 1,300 square feet. This provides the designers with ample space to work with. Keep in mind that since the owners want a Japanese styled interior, space-saving furnishings are still essential.

Living room

Following closely to the Japanese aesthetic, the low sofa is upholstered with a dusty cream-coloured fabric. The simple and stripped furniture does not introduce and trimmings, carvings, or unnecessary designs. The interior designer, when designing, has to apply restraint, asking questions like, ‘Is this needed?’ or ‘How can I reduce the use of more furniture?’

Instead of decor, being minimalist is a lifestyle of getting rid of things that are not needed in the space given.

Look at the shelf. It is open with simple and clean lines that play its part as a shelf. No excessive or attractive colours, it just exists to play its role.

Wooden floor plank furnitures

The wooden floor planks are arranged in a Herringbone style while other wooden furniture takes on the same colour. The edges are clean and serve a specific purpose. The only probable design that is incorporated in the hall would be the wooden grid backdrop where the television is placed. This is similar to the visible beams on lighting fixtures in Japanese homes. Track lights fitted on the ceiling ensures enough lighting without breaking the symmetry and harmony of the room.

Natural lit reading area

Open space and natural lighting are appreciated in Japanese interior design. Together, it creates a relaxing ambience that clears the mind. It is a reflection of what happens in our head. Once the clutter of our lives (and our homes) disappear, the mind automatically clears as well.

Each window is fitted with blinds that sift harsh light but does not block out the natural lighting. This makes the space airy and comfortable. The floor to ceiling window gives an illusion of openness, inviting views and colours of nature into the home.

Whitewashed kitchen

The kitchen area also sings the same tune but more whitewashed, as compared to the rest. The frosted door and windows again diffuse harsh light but still allowing the space to be brightened. The white walls and cabinets reflect light, making the space bigger than it actually is.

The cabinets and fittings are simple but show fine craftsmanship, something many Nordic designers share with the Japanese.

Minimalist room

In all the rooms, the theme is coherent. White and blonde timber with hints of black and grey are the only hues introduced into the home. It creates a minimalist aesthetic and enables the owners to live in a clutter-free home. Why? Because clutter can be easily identified!

Many of the furniture designed here are built-in, a prevalent design in Japanese homes. In fact, most Japanese homes don’t have much furniture like cupboards or closets as most of them apply an open concept of storing items.

Minimalist study desk, sofa, sink

The rest of the rooms seen here are no different from the rest. Neu Konceptz has successfully embedded Japanese minimalism throughout the home. The study, dining, and toilet all sing the same relaxing tune. Note that all the fixtures do not have any additional grooves, absent of knobs and other hardware

Do you love what Neu Konceptz has done with this HDB? Your minimalist dreams can come true too! You are on the right platform.

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