Keep your food warm with Invisible Induction Technology

We don’t know if you’ve ever been observant of non-food items when you are in a buffet line, but we at Renodots do pay a little more attention to the surroundings and technology used wherever we go – yes, even when our stomachs are rumbling for food at a buffet.

So there was one thing we noticed – how do high-end hotels heat up the food when they are all laid in chic looking pots on a granite counter? Wouldn’t the dishes turn cold?

Aha, that was in our minds until we discovered InductWarm, a food warmer solution that uses, yes, you’ve guessed it, induction technology!

They have a few solutions to keep food warm and we are going to break it down below.

Undercounter Induction Technology

Undercounter induction technology

The future is here.

Check out this under-counter induction technology that can heat up your food when it is fixed below a counter. The module can be installed and used under counters of various materials. Wood, stone, or glass, you might not even realise there is a heating device below the counter. However, it must be at least 20mm thick.

Undercounter glass material

Undercounter: Glass

undercounter wood material

Undercounter: Wood

undercounter white glass top

Undercounter: White glass top with white cover

undercounter for buffet table

This is great because you still can use the counter (or table) for chopping, or to lay other kitchen and dining materials when the induction warmer is not used.

When switched on, only the tableware is heated, not the counter. Therefore, it is super safe.

It comes with one square induction coil with a warming zone of 35 square centimetres. There are four power levels that you can select to keep your food warm. Choose from 40℃ to 95℃ via an external touch panel or infrared remote control.

On the other hand, the under counter induction hob can be built as a mobile solution via trays or trolleys.

trolley induction
buffet induction setup

For the home, we’d advise having one to two of these devices at the bar top, kitchen counter or the middle of the dining table. However, you can plug in up to four of these devices to a 220-240V/10A or 16A plug – yes, it is that energy efficient.

Built-In Induction Technology

built in induction technology

Next, we have the built-in induction warmer. Not as stealthy as the one above but still functions amazingly. It is built to keep the aesthetics of your home that comes with a touch panel (and you can also use their remote control if you want) to select any of the four different temperature levels. The LED lights will indicate the current operating status.

Because it comes as one unit, you won’t need to handle different single components. It just has to be fitted and voila, you can start getting things warmed up.

It has six induction coils and three individually adjustable warming zones (just like a hob) so you can adjust each according to the dishes. Rest assured that they are made from the highest quality of high-grade steel and black glass-ceramic top.

InductWarm Porcelain

inductwarm porcelain

Another set of items you’d probably want with your induction warmers are their set of porcelain.  The induction effect is only possible because of the patented coating on the underside of this porcelain collection. It comes in bowls and rectangle containers and is highly shatter-proof, dishwasher-safe and retains heat well.

The containers come in 7 litres, 3.15 litres and 1.75 litres.

The bowls come in 4.3 litres, 2.7 litres and 0.9 litres.

We know that this is all pretty new to add to the home but think about it. If you want a home that functions for the future, this is a seamless and sensible addition to your home. The induction hobs and technology originate from Switzerland while the induction porcelain is made in Germany. It is designed well with a high emphasis on quality, provides all-around safety, empowers you to control from around your home, energy-efficient and when it is time to consume the food that is prepared, you know that it is of the best quality and at its optimum temperature.

Don’t you think it’s time you invested in one?

It is the perfect time if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or are planning to move into your new home. If you are moving into a new apartment and would like to have a home office ready to move into, ask us about the induction warmer and we’d be glad to introduce you to it.

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