Are you thinking of building a kitchen bar for fast meals? Or maybe you are looking into purchasing a new dining table. Either way, here are some measurements you may want to take note of before starting the exciting adventure of building your dream dining area, as they will make your decisions faster and easier and your dining space incredibly comfortable. KITCHEN BAR

bar seat at kitchen
red bar seats and counter
wooden bar counter
kitchen bar

Kitchen bars are all the rage nowadays and it is not hard to see why. They are excellent for fast meals, increased interaction with the cook and can even double as a work station. If you are looking to build one in your home and are unsure about the dimensions, we’ve got you covered. For kitchen bar tables, we recommend a height of around 1.07 metres, width of around 0.61 metres and at least 0.30 metres in depth. As for the stools, buy them according to your bar height (it should be around 0.76 metres in height if you follow our dimensions). DINING TABLES

long dining table with black chairs
scandinavian theme dining
black dining table with dark wooden chairs
modern dining area

Whether you choose to set up your dining area in your living room, dining room or kitchen, here are some  measurements for a more comfortable family meal. The measurements for a dining area can range anywhere from 1.65 metres to 2.03 metres, depending on the width of your desired table and chairs. The minimum width of a dining table (for comfortable eating) would be 0.76 metres and you could even buy a 1.02 metres table if you wish to have extra space. The height of the dining table should usually be around 0.76 metres as well. The length of the table is largely dependent on how many people eat at the table regularly. We recommend that the seats have at least a width of 0.38 metres and 0.36 metres in height. For even more comfort, go for chairs (as opposed to stools, as the back of the chair provides support) with backs that are slightly angled backwards.  

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