Kitchen Peninsula Ideas For Small Homes

By Admin , Aug 17, 2021
Kitchen Peninsula Ideas For Small Homes

The two spaces that are often at the forefront of home renovation projects are the kitchen and bathroom. But today, we are looking exclusively at the kitchen.

While many homeowners are raving about having an island in their happy place (happy because there is always food in the kitchen), you should not forget other options, especially if the layout of your home cannot accommodate a kitchen island.

Having a peninsula in place of an island is a smart way to make use of space. It incorporates a kitchen counter and extends out from a wall or cabinetry. It is a great solution that offers the benefits of a kitchen island. Popular during the 1970s, this kitchen design is making a comeback.

A small kitchen does not mean you have to sacrifice the food-prep area. Check out these peninsula design ideas!

Keep It Simple and Practical

Designed by The Interior Lab

If you’re looking for a kitchen with ample work surface and storage, consider this simple peninsula with a wooden top.

Designed by The Interior Lab for a four-room HDB at Sun Natura, the minimalist Scandinavian design has base cabinets, cupboard doors, deep and regular drawers and open shelving. These are elements that enlarge the storage space provided by a regular kitchen.

You no longer have to worry about storage or a crowded countertop when you’re preparing your meals.

On top of that, it serves as a room divider, separating the kitchen from the dining or living room area.

Electrical appliances can be placed on the countertop, giving you space to cook and have a full view of the dining and living room area. It also functions as a hybrid kitchen because of it’s not-exactly open or closed kitchen concept.

Move the Sink

Designed by Toke & Chen

Similar to the style above but somewhat reversed is this gorgeous minimalist Scandinavian kitchen designed by Toke & Chen. In this three-room HDB unit at Buangkok Crescent, you’ll see that the kitchen is small. If it were to be walled up, the kitchen will be claustrophobic.

Making the most out of the space, a peninsula is introduced. The designers added a sink to it, making it the heart of the room. It offers the much-needed counter space and a location for the primary sink.

The cabinets have a wooden finish, and the countertop is made from white quartz.

This type of kitchen allows for entertaining guests, keeping an eye on the children playing in the living room, or simply watching your favorite TV drama – all while cooking.

Want to do more? Add bar stools, and now you and your family can have meals, a place to cook and wash up all in one convenient location.

Perfect for small families, this is a home investment that pays back!

The Art of Extending Space

Designed by Space Change

A stark difference from the first two kitchens is this dark but luxurious four-bedroom HDB at 227A Ang Mo Kio Street 23 designed by Space Change.

The owners wanted something eclectic for the home, and to create contrast, the designers chose hunter green as its base, highlighting it with a gorgeous white acrylic countertop and gold hardware.

It stretches from the cabinetry to form a peninsula, generating more space for storage.

Adding a folding glass panel along the peninsula will help light travel between the two divided spaces. It also gives you the option to temporarily shut off the cooking space from the interconnecting seating or dining zone so you have a sweeping view of the kitchen and living area.

One can work, cook, eat and do the food prep here – so accessible, so versatile.

Industrial-Inspired Workspace

Designed by: PHD Posh Home Design

An open kitchen with storage, dining, and work area is possible with a peninsula. We see how PHD Posh Home Design did it by injecting their eclectic industrial theme design into this three-room HDB at Choa Chu Kang Ave 5.

From a tiny corner, this kitchen developed into a U-shaped layout by adding a wooden finish peninsula. To brighten the otherwise dim area, the designers used skeleton pendant lights. The white ceramic backsplash reflects light, making it more welcoming and larger than it actually is.

Not only does it serve looks, but it also serves as a multi-purpose area, enabling you and your loved ones to work, cook and have meals.

Timeless Modernity

Designed by Ciseern

In this four-bedroom resale condominium unit at Florida, Cistern uses a white peninsula and dark cabinetry to give this dry kitchen a more modern aesthetic.

As most contemporary themed homes carry the balance between light and dark, we must say the designer hit the nail on the head as the interior looks ravishingly upscale yet inviting.

The dark detailing enhances the kitchen space, while the white countertops provide a hint of luxury.

This dry kitchen where the peninsula is is perfect for informal meals and entertaining guests. It also provides extra storage for your kitchen or miscellaneous items. A plus point, if you love baking, you can do it here.

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