Know More About Kitchen Sink Faucets

By Editor Rachel , Dec 23, 2020
Know More About Kitchen Sink Faucets

Every time homeowners talk about kitchen renovations the focus is often on kitchen cabinets and kitchen tops. No one really discusses kitchen sink faucets in detail when reviewing kitchen renovation ideas. But, we are going to put it on the table today, because if we all do some kind of watching at the kitchen sink, we will need to select the best kitchen sink faucet depending its specific usage.

Kitchen Sink Faucet - Pull-down faucet

pull down faucet
Image from Hansgrohe

Don’t mistake the pull-down with the pull-out faucet though both use a spray wand that can be detached. The pull-down faucet pulls straight down to the sink, perfect for those who have deep sinks and overhead space.

This faucet has a taller spout and the pull-down feature makes it so easy to clean up the messy sink. Pull-down hoses are usually shorter than the pull-out ones.

Kitchen Sink Faucet - Pull-out faucet

pull out faucet
Image from Hansgrohe

The pull-out faucet is rather similar to the pull-down faucet. The only difference is the direction to which you are pulling it. The pull-out faucet usually has a longer hose with a spray head that makes it easier to fill pots that don’t fit the sink.

If you have a shallow basin, opt for a pull-out faucet. The head is flexible enough for you to move it around, reducing splash-back (unless you are a klutz, then splash-backs are bound to happen).

Look at the layout and cabinet placement in your kitchen, if you have cabinets above the sink, we suggest you get a pull-out faucet instead of a pull-down faucet.

Kitchen Sink Faucet - One-handle faucet

one hand faucet
Image from Kohler

One of the most common kitchen faucets is the one-handle faucet. You can find it anywhere, even at the hardware store. The image above showcases an angular faucet with a handle, but there are many in the market that feature the gooseneck types. They all function the same - it has a single handle where you move from left to right or up or down to dispel water.

Which brings us to the question, why not buy just any faucet for the kitchen?

You can, but be sure you know what it is made from. Brass, nickel and pewter hide fingerprints and smudges while chrome is most difficult to keep (visibly) clean.

Kitchen Sink Faucet - Touchless faucet

touchless faucet
Image from Kohler

A motion detecting faucet is not only available in malls and offices?

You can fix one at home too!

This might be a dream come true to those who love cooking and baking because you won’t need to worry about the handle getting oily every time you are cooking a storm in the kitchen - one less thing to clean makes a difference.

Depending on the type of touchless faucet you install, most work by having a tiny sensor that activates water flow when an item (or your hand) is waved in front of it.

Some of them come with a knob (like the above) where you can adjust the temperature of the water.

The only issue with the touchless faucet is the price tag that comes with it.

Kitchen Sink Faucet - Wall-mounted faucet

wall mounted faucet
Image from Grohe Singapore

If you need to optimise your space in the kitchen, wall-mounted faucets are a room-saver. The installation has to be done during the major renovation, where the plumber will have to fit the necessary pipes for the water to be channelled out from the wall, so to speak.

To increase its flexibility, get a spout that can swivel from left to right so water can be directed to where you want it within the sink area.

Kitchen Sink Faucet - Pot fillers

pot fillers
Image from Desert Cart

Pot filters are a little different from the other faucets mentioned above. It is a kitchen faucet, but they don’t belong to the sink area. These are often wall-mounted at the stovetop area that gives you the convenience of filling large pots.

Instead of filling your pot at the sink and carrying it over to the stove, you simply place your pot or pan and fill it up using the pot filler. It is flexible so it can be extended or retracted as needed. It is still not very much used in Singapore homes, but if you have not started on your kitchen renovation, a pot filler is a convenient addition.

Doing up your kitchen isn’t just about how it looks but how it functions. You probably understand how important kitchen sink faucets are now, depending on how you need it to work. It is not as easy as heading to a nearby store to get it, though many still do.

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