What You Should Know Before Moving House

You’ve just picked up the keys to your new Singapore HDB home and you’ve also sorted out the renovation works. Now, it’s time to start the home-shifting process. But first, use these five important tips to hit the ground running.

Stock Up On The Vitals

Probably one of the most important parts of moving house is putting away your belongings for the movers to pick up and ship to your new Singapore home. However, it’s not just boxes that you’ll need. Stock up on necessary items like permanent markers, colour-coded stickers and bubble wrap or newspaper from stores like Moving Essentials or Horme Hardware. Use the markers to label each box clearly so you won’t have a tough time unpacking, colour-code each box so you know which ones will be placed in which rooms and cushion fragile items like your glassware with the bubble wrap or newspaper. Tip: Use smaller boxes where possible so it’s easy to lift and move when needed.

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Throw Out The Junk

Before you begin the packing process to move to your new Singapore home, go through your closets and take stock of all your belongings, be it clothes, furniture or home appliances and electronics. Divide your belongings into three categories: To Keep, To Donate and To Throw. When you’re done, pack away the To Keep pile into the boxes you have prepared, then contact charitable organisations like Salvation Army or The Humanitarian Organisation of Migrant Economics (HOME). Most are happy to pick up bulkier items from your Singapore HDB. Carefully prepare your To Throw pile for disposal. While most of these items can be piled at the rubbish collection points or recycling bins around your Singapore HDB estate, some items, such as e-waste and biohazardous materials will require special disposal methods.

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Movers Matter

How often have you heard horror stories of movers who’ve overcharged or damaged all your belongings? Avoid this by doing proper research before committing to a moving company. Look up reviews of Singapore-based moving companies on forums and Facebook, and ask for a proper quotation. Most movers will make a visit to your Singapore home to draw up an estimate, so beware movers who randomly offer prices over the phone and refuse to visit your home for an assessment. Also beware prices that are too low; while this might seem to be a bargain, it can also mean that the mover doesn’t particularly care about the quality of work.

Consider Your Furbabies

The noise and constant movement might affect your pets during the shifting process. If you feel your pets might get in the way during the move, opt to have them boarded with a petsitter or at a pet hotel in Singapore. This will help smoothen the move to your new home and keep your pets comfortable. Once you have settled into your new Singapore HDB or private condo, then you can bring your pets back to help them acclimatise to their new surroundings.

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Measure Your Furniture

Moving to your new Singapore HDB is exciting, but first, measure your existing furniture pieces properly to ensure it will all fit perfectly in your new home. If you’re buying new pieces, then make sure you know the measurements for the rooms that will be fitted with these new purchases.

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Don’t Forget the Cables!

Pack away the cables for all your electrical appliances in the same box as the item itself. This will prevent a headache when you’re re-installing everything into your new Singapore home. If that’s not an option, label each cable clearly so you won’t be confused by the tangle of wires when you’re unpacking.

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